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    the Uses of GPS Tackers in Vehicles

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    Many commercial vehicles are at work across Canada today, from freight trucks to snow plows to rescue helicopters. These vehicles are expensive and valuable assets for their owners, so business owners may choose to invest in GPS tracing technology for a fleet of owned vehicles. Fleet management logistics can be made much easier when GPS tracking reveals the location of every vehicle owned, and a fleet camera system can make this work even easier. Other vehicles may also have GPS tracking systems in them, such as company cars or other trucks, as an emergency measure in case of trouble. How can GPS tracking help boost vehicle fleet efficiency in modern work, and what other emergencies might arise?

    Snow Plow Management

    A number of Canadian companies today own fleets of snow plows, and during winter, these vehicles will have plenty of work to do. They are essential for clearing roads for traffic, and the more efficiently a fleet moves, the better. Montreal alone uses some 172