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    The Correct Way to Tow Cargo

    Written by Fast Car Video Clips. Posted in Electric brake, Electric trailer brake, Trailer brake controls

    Whether for leisure or for work, many Americans are connecting trailers or RVs to the hitches on their pickup trucks and driving that wheeled cargo around. While motorhome RVs can drive themselves, most RVs are hitched onto a truck and rely on its power to get moved. Meanwhile, other trailers may be large and hold heavy items such as construction materials or livestock, and these heavy trailers will need their own set of brakes to match the truck’s own brakes. This is done with the aid of a multi axle brake controller, and these multi axle brake controllers may be found on the dashboard of the towing pickup truck. The best brake controllers will allow the trailer or RV to come to a smooth and total stop when needed, and poor brakes (or a lack of them) may cause the trailer to crash right into the truck. Meanwhile, trailer sway control may be an issue for drivers towing m