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    When and Why You Might Replace Car Tires or Rims

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    Many millions of Americans own a car or pickup truck, and these vehicles are a major responsibility to own. Any new or used car may need some repair or maintenance due to wear and tear or a recent accident, and this includes the tires, wheels, and rims. All cars and trucks have wheels, of course, and they are not to be ignored. Having new car rims installed helps keep the wheel solid and stylish, and custom wheels may have fancy new rims installed for aesthetics. Even cheap tires may prove to be a fine upgrade over worn out or damaged tire sets, and a tire shop may offer all sorts of models to choose from. In fact, some tires are designed for particular types of terrain or conditions, and that includes not just car tire sets but also a tire for an ATV or dune buggy. What are the hazards that may present themselves to a car wheel’s tire or rim?

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    Did You Make a New Car Purchase This Summer?

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    If you have it your way you will not have to go back to a new car dealer lot for the next four or five years. This is your goal, of course, after having spent more hours than you care to admit shopping for new cars. With three leases lapsing and one car getting hailed out, you are hopeful that you have mad great purchases that will keep your whole family driving for awhile.
    Both used and new car dealers offer experiences that many consumers love to hate. And while there certainly are people who make the decision to shop for a new car or a used car online, the fact of the matter is many people still want to get into the vehicle and go for a test drive.
    Auto Dealers Continue to Balance Sales with Service to Reach the Greatest Amount of Success
    Whether you are shopping for a new car or a used car you likely understand the need for value. It does not matter how much are spending, in fact, you want to make su