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    Are You Shopping for a New or Used Car This Summer?

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    It is likely the most expensive kind of windshield wiper fluid you can have. When your wife made you buy it for her car, in fact, you were angry at the price, but once you drove her car you knew this was an investment you needed to make for your vehicle as well. From the least expensive Ford repairs that you have made this summer to the most expensive after market accessories you have invested in over the last decade, this pricey windshield wiper fluid is, by far, the best dollar for dollar investment that you have made.
    Little things matter when you are investing in a car, so it should come as no suprise that many drivers have some pretty strong preferences. Some buyers like a particular Ford service center, some want a particular year and model of used trucks, and some insist that they will only purchase certified pre owned vehicles. Whether you are partial to a particular Ford r