10 Interesting Car Enhancements to Try This Year


You’ve just bought a new or used car and are super excited about the purchase. But somehow, the vehicle doesn’t have all the features you need. So what do you do? Well, you might think of selling the vehicle and getting another that has all the features you need. But before you do this, you might want to consider various car upgrades to enhance your vehicle. This post discusses 10 interesting car enhancements to try this year.

1. Upgraded Air Conditioning

Your vehicle’s air conditioning contributes to passenger comfort, safety, and well-being. It helps maintain a comfortable temperature inside the vehicle, especially during hot and humid weather. A well-functioning air conditioning also minimizes heat-related health risks, including heatstroke, especially for children, older adults, and pets.

Almost all modern vehicles come equipped with air conditioning. However, some older models don’t have air conditioning. So, if you buy an older vehicle, consider purchasing a new air conditioning system. While most modern vehicles have an air conditioning system, you can still upgrade the system to suit your needs.

So, how do you upgrade your vehicle’s air conditioning? First, you should know that numerous air conditioning systems are on the market. While all should have the same outcome, each functions differently depending on its features. Therefore, buying a new air conditioning system with all the necessary features is the first option.

You may not want to buy the entire system. In this case, you can enhance the existing air conditioning system with improved features and capabilities. The upgrades may involve adding more advanced components, upgrading the system’s controls, and improving air circulation.

For instance, air conditioning systems come with a standard air compressor. However, you can replace the standard compressor with a high-performance unit that cools the cabin faster. High-performance compressors work more efficiently even when it’s scorching. Additionally, consider upgrading the fans and vents to improve air circulation within the cabin.

2. New Transmission

A vehicle transmission is a critical component of every car — without it, your car won’t move because there will be no power in the wheels. The transmission also plays a crucial role in optimizing the engine’s performance and fuel efficiency. There are two types of vehicle transmissions: Manual and automatic. So how do you enhance your vehicle’s transmission?

First, consider buying a new transmission. For instance, if your vehicle uses a manual transmission, consider upgrading to an automatic transmission. And yes, it’s possible to convert a manual car to an automatic car. The only downside is that it’s more expensive. So if you don’t like your current vehicle transmission, get a new one from an auto mechanic shop.

If you don’t love the idea of replacing your existing transmission, you might just want to give it a few upgrades to enhance your vehicle’s performance. For instance, consider a dual-clutch transmission that combines the best of manual and automatic transmissions. With this upgrade, you get to experience the quick gear changes of a manual transmission combined with the convenience of an automatic transmission.

You could also consider performance shift kits for automatic transmissions to enhance gear changes and overall performance. This is especially if you’re seeking better acceleration and responsiveness. Additionally, try adding a transmission cooler to maintain lower transmission fluid temperatures, minimize wear, and extend your transmission’s lifespan. All these car enhancements can make your transmission functional, efficient, and reliable.

3. Reinforced Windows

If someone wanted to steal your car or the valuables inside it, what would be their easiest entry point? Of course, it’s the windows. They’ll only need stone or something tangible to hit and break the window and gain access to your vehicle. But do you know some car windows are unbreakable? I mean, even a bullet can’t pass through them? Many car models have bullet resistant doors and windows to enhance security.

So, if you’re thinking of car enhancements to try out this year, consider reinforcing your vehicle windows. How you do it will depend on your needs and budget. Window tinting is the most common and cost-effective upgrade for vehicle owners. This car enhancement minimizes glare, blocks UV rays, and keeps the interior cooler. Moreover, they offer increased privacy while adding a sleek look to your car. But before tinting your car windows, check with your local regulations regarding window tint darkness.

Additionally, you can consider soundp roofing films to minimize external noise levels inside your vehicle. These car enhancements offer a quieter and more comfortable driving environment. If security is an issue, consider upgrading to bullet-resistant doors and windows.

4. Strong Tires

Tires are the only vehicle parts constantly in contact with the road. This explains why they are among the first to wear out. Additionally, tires come in various sizes and features. So if you’re thinking of car enhancements to try out this year, consider getting new tires.

Tire upgrades can impact vehicle handling, performance, and safety. Therefore, choosing the right set of tires is essential for every car owner. Your tires should align with your driving style, the climate in your area, and the intended use. For instance, if you’re seeking better handling, responsiveness, and cornering abilities, performance tires might be your ideal choice. These tires are excellent, especially when driving in wet and dry conditions. They are most loved by sporting drivers due to their driving habits.

If you’re unsure which tires to purchase, consult with a knowledgeable tire professional who can recommend the best tire upgrade for your specific vehicle and driving needs. Moreover, ensure proper tire maintenance, such as proper alignment, inflation, and rotation, to maximize the benefits of your upgrades.

5. A More Powerful Driveshaft

The driveshaft delivers torque from the transmission to the differential. It is a long, cylindrical shaft that connects the transmission to the axle, allowing the wheels to rotate and move the vehicle. A well-maintained driveshaft with minimal wear and friction ensures efficient power transfer, leading to better fuel economy. Your driveshaft is like garage floors. They work more to ensure your vehicle moves.

If your driveshaft is not working properly, you might want to get a more powerful driveshaft to ensure a smooth driving experience. For instance, consider buying a high-performance driveshaft made of carbon fiber or aluminum to minimize weight and rotational mass. This powerful driveshaft ensures improved acceleration and responsiveness.

6. State-of-the-Art Sound System

Who doesn’t love listening to their favorite music when driving? In this technological era, you have no reason to ride in a vehicle that’s quiet and boring (unless you want to). Car audio technology has reached impressive levels. Today, there are several cutting-edge sound systems for vehicles. Therefore, sound systems are among the most sought-after car enhancements to try this year.

Most modern vehicles come with standard car audio systems. However, you may notice that the system does not produce the sound you want. Luckily, you can upgrade your vehicle’s sound system to suit your needs and preference. For instance, consider adding high-end speakers that deliver clearer and more accurate sound production.

Additionally, consider Bluetooth and smartphone integration for seamless connectivity with your smartphone and other devices. This way, you can enjoy wireless audio streaming and hands-free calling. You may also upgrade to an intuitive touchscreen interface for easy control and access to various audio settings.

If you want a more hands-off experience, consider adding voice recognition technology. This technology allows you to control the audio system using voice commands, improving convenience and safety. A local electrician can help you install a state-of-the-art sound system in your vehicle.

7. Better Brakes

You don’t need a driving school certificate to know that brakes are a crucial component of your vehicle. So, if you’re thinking of car enhancements to try this year, consider upgrading your braking system. Your upgrades will vary based on your needs and driving habits. For instance, whether you want shorter stopping distances, improved control, or a better overall driving experience.

First, consider upgrading to high-performance brake pads to improve your braking performance. These pads are often crafted from advanced materials that offer enhanced friction and heat resistance. This ensures more consistent and effective braking.

Also, consider performance brake rotors like drilled or slotted rotors, which dissipate heat more efficiently, minimizing the risk of brake fade during prolonged or aggressive braking. Performance brake rotors also help prevent dust buildup, keeping the brake pads cleaner for better performance.

Additionally, you can consider upgrading to a higher-grade brake fluid with a higher boiling point to improve your brake system performance. This is essential. This is especially true especially during demanding driving conditions or when towing heavy loads.

So why should you enhance your vehicle’s braking system? First, better brakes improve your safety on the road. They minimize stopping distances, giving you more confidence in emergency situations. Additionally, better brakes leads to better vehicle control thanks to the more precise and responsive braking.

8. Advanced Suspension

Your vehicle’s suspension system plays an essential role in ensuring a smooth and controlled ride, especially during braking, cornering and uneven road conditions. So, if you’re seeking the best car enhancements to transform your driving experience, consider upgrading your suspension. You can either upgrade the entire suspension or aspects of the suspension to enhance your driving system.

Advanced suspensions often consider adjustable shock absorbers or dampers. This allows you to fine-tune the suspension settings to suit different driving conditions. This feature ensures a balance between comfort and performance based on your needs.

Moreover, some advanced suspensions feature electronic control systems. These continuously adjust the damping force in real-time based on road conditions, sensor data and driver inputs. This active suspension technology provides a high level of adaptability and responsiveness for optimal handling and ride quality.

Also, consider replacing your standard rubber bushings with performance-oriented materials like polyurethane, to minimize flex and play in the suspension components. This ensures better handling and more precise steering response. Generally, advanced suspension improves handling, enhances comfort and increases safety. As a result, you won’t need to engage the services of a car accident attorney due to car accidents.

9. A Convertible Roof

Ever seen a car with an open roof while driving on the road? You start wondering what happens when it starts raining. In most cases, those vehicles are convertibles. Meaning, the roofing can be opened and closed. It’s really a cool feature that you may want to have on your vehicle. So, why do you need a convertible roof as one of your car enhancements this year?

First, a convertible roof allows you and your passengers to enjoy open air freedom. You get to enjoy the wind in the air and an unobstructed view of the sky, while on the road. This enhances the overall driving experience, especially on pleasant weather days.

Additionally, convertible cars are often appealing and stylish. The convertible roof adds to your vehicle’s overall aesthetics, making it stand out from other cars on the road. Plus, the feature offers a closer connection to nature, allowing you to feel the environment around you and enjoy scenic views while driving.

10. Integrated GPS

Closing our list of the most interesting car enhancements to try this year is integrated GPS. Most modern vehicles have Global Positioning System (GPS) installed — it could be a standalone or integrated. This feature offers a map and directions for you, helping you navigate new areas with confidence without getting lost or having to stop and ask for directions.

Integrated GPS offers precise and real-time navigation guidance. This helps you find the shortest, fastest and most efficient routes to your destination. The systems are typically user-friendly, with intuitive interfaces that make them easy to program and operate.

What’s more, you can easily access navigation information from a single screen thanks to the integration with the infotainment system. Some of the systems also provide real-time traffic updates, alerting you to road congestion, accidents, or construction delays and providing alternative routes to avoid traffic jams. Local electricians can help you install integrated GPS in your car.

Do you want to make your car unique and truly yours? If yes, consider the car enhancements above. Ensure you seek professional guidance and installation from a licensed auto repair shop. Also, don’t forget to check with local regulations regarding car enhancements.

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