2 Simple Reasons to Buy Japanese Engines


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If you’re looking to buying a car or looking at individual car parts, one thing you might be thinking about is what kind of engine you want your car to have. If you’re looking for reliable used engines and transmissions, there’s no doubt you should be looking at Japanese engines for your favorite automobile. There’s no doubt that cards like Toyota, Honda, and Nissan are all well-made and last for a really long time, even outlasting American-made cars.

What’s so great about Japanese engines?

1. The technology is efficient and smart

Approximately 7.83 million passenger vehicles are produced in Japan each year, and according to a survey by Consumer Reports, Toyota and Honda are at the top of the list for the most reliable car. Japanese cars are so much more reliable than American and European-made cars because they don’t keep trying to advance technology. While these other countries are trying to produce cars with complex new powertrains, chassis constructions, and modern electronics, Japanese-made cars stick to the technology they have been using for years, and what they know works. In 2016, Honda produced two out of the five bestselling cars in the United States, and that was the Honda Accord and Honda Civic. In fact, Honda sold over 4.7 million cars globally in 2016.

2. They are easy to find used with low mileage

There is a great availability of low-mileage Japanese used engines so that you can replace your engine with one that will be very reliable. You do not have to worry about finding a good quality used Japanese engine, as there are companies that specialize in reliable Japanese engines and take care of finding, testing, and shipping them. While you might be able to find used engines and transmissions at yards across the U.S., you risk buying one with high mileage and that is untested. By going through a company that specializes in used engines and transmissions, you can ensure that your engine is tested and will be reliable before putting it in a car and paying for it.

Why are there so many low-mileage Japanese engines? There are a couple of reasons, and one is that many Japanese citizens rely on public transportation since the country has such an advanced system.

Another reason is that Japanese cards must pass a “Shaken” test to ensure their safety on Japanese roads. Vehicles that cannot pass are not allowed to be driven and many people do not want to go through the necessary maintenance to make sure the car does meet the standards due to its high cost. These cards are hence destroyed or recycled, or expected to other nations. These lightly-used Japenese engines can be used in another vehicle and salvaged.

Looking for Japanese engines for sale to use in your own car? Be sure to look for one that offers low-mileage and tested used Japanese engines. This will ensure that you put yourself at less risk of having an engine that is overpriced and not reliable.

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