2 Types Of Transportation Every Assisted Living Facility Needs


Assisted living facilities offer a fantastic option for our aging loved ones. For those who can still get around on their own, but sometimes just need a little extra help, this option is something every family should seriously consider. If you work at one of these facilities, then you know the incredible impact that you have on each resident under your care; however, when it comes to resident transportation, does your facility have a vehicle that meets your needs?

2 Types Of Transportation That Every Assisted Living Facility Needs

An assisted living facility requires a variety of equipment to adequately care for all their residents. While medical equipment is of the utmost importance, there is a wide variety of other services that facilities need to invest in. One of these services is transportation. While some assisted living residents are capable of coming and going in their own vehicles, for those who can’t, options need to be readily available to assist them.

  • Shuttle Vans. Shuttle vans are the perfect solution for transporting singular, or multiple residents to locations outside of the main building. Senior living vans can be invaluable to a facility as they give a safe and reliable option for easily moving residents. These vans are also much easier for residents in wheelchairs, which gives them a leg up on standard car transport. These vans can also be used to transport equipment or additional supplies that won’t fit in one car. Vans like this can prove to be invaluable to a senior living facility, and can help further make a difference in resident’s lives by providing them a safe way to get around.
  • Transit Buses. For larger facilities, investing in rugged transit buses with seating options for up to 30 passengers, or more, can open up a number of possibilities. Assisted living facilities can now opt to transport many residents at once, which opens up the possibility for off site activities. Group outings to local shows, parks, or even the grocery store can offer a good, safe way, to allow residents to get out and about. Being constantly cooped up in one building can be detrimental to mental health and well being, so being able to organize group trips can help keep residents both happier, and healthier. Additionally, these buses can also be used to transport employees between site locations, especially in the case of special events or orientation seminars. Rugged transit buses also have the benefit of being long lasting, but easy to operate. This means no special training will be needed in order for them to be safely operated. For larger facilities, and those with multiple locations, this can be a much needed investment.

Assisted living facilities play an important part in providing care to our aging loved ones, and in order to do so a wide array of equipment is required. In terms of transportation, shuttle vans and rugged transit buses can play an important part in keeping residents happy. It also gives activity coordinators the option to organize group outings that can be fun for not only residents, but for the staff involved as well. Having the right means of transportation, can positively impact the entire community as a whole.

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