3 Reasons to Think About Replacing Your Car’s Tires


Tires have more of an impact on your drive than you might think. One study found that tire related crashes were responsible for 738 automobile traffic fatalities in 2017. Considering that, it’s imperative to keep a close eye on the condition of the tires on your automobile. Here are three indicators it’s time to replace your automobile’s tires.

  1. You’re Constantly Airing Up Your Tires

    It’s difficult for your vehicle to remain in optimal condition with proper maintenance. That being said, most vehicles don’t require maintenance on an almost constant basis. However, this is the reality for people who are driving with potentially bad tires. One sign you’re tired need replacing is if you’re airing them up all of the time. Seeing your low tire pressure indicator always on is a huge potential danger. Fortunately, you can solve this problem by visiting a provider of custom wheels and tires.
  2. You’re Driving on a Spare

    Many cars have compartments for holding a spare tire. Considering that, spare tires come in handy if you’re needing to get somewhere after one your vehicle’s tires become damaged. However, you might be unaware that spare tires aren’t meant for long term use. Most experts recommend avoiding driving over 70 miles on a spare. If you’re driving on a spare, it’s time to replace these items right away.
  3. Your Vehicle is Shaking

    Understandably, drivers want to experience a smooth ride while on the road. However, you’re unlikely to experience this while driving on worn or otherwise damaged tires. Driving with these types of tires on your vehicle often causes it to shake. This creates a stressful, embarrassing, and potentially unsafe drive. To solve this problem, visit a company that sells custom wheels and tires. In turn, this will help solve the problem of your vehicle shaking.

In conclusion, it’s important to understand when you need new tires. Understandably, you might be putting this off due to not having enough money to purchase a new set of tires. However, certain providers of custom wheels and tires offer affordable financing options. This allows you to pay installments towards a new set of tires for your automobile. You can even find several kinds of off road tires that are great for snow, wind, and other types of terrain.

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