3 Reasons Truckers Love Being Truckers


Truck driving jobs

There are some jobs that not everyone can do. Even jobs that seem like they would be “easy” and everyone might think they can do them and do them well — they cannot.

Truck driver jobs, for instance, are one that perhaps many people think they could do because they think it’s literally just driving around. Many people, in this case, would be wrong. Very, very wrong.

Truck driver jobs are sought after by a combination of experienced and professional truck divers, those who are just entering into the industry who might have what it takes, and those who absolutely do not have what it takes to handle truck driving jobs.

These people who aren’t born to be truckers usually fade out pretty quickly: they realize they have bad motion sickness, they can’t operate a truck, they don’t know the rules of the road, or they just can’t get the hang of the lingo used over the CB radio.

Those who can handle it, however, find that it’s one of the best jobs in the entire world. Here are three of the reasons that truck driver jobs — and other types of transportation sales jobs — are so great:

  • Alone Time — Again, some people hate alone time and won’t be able to cut it. The ones that are born to be truckers enjoy the independence.
  • Great Tunes — For many, music is what keeps them sane. Rocking out while you’re driving a big rig down the interstate is one of the most American rock and roll things you can do. And no matter what anyone says — Bob Seger’s Turn the Page can never get old.
  • Travel — There aren’t too many people who know more about the behind the scenes of these great United States than truck drivers. They have seen everything. Whether it’s regional trucking jobs or national, truckers see things that no one else does. They see something new every single day, too. To the untrained non-trucker eye, driving down the interstate all day everyday could be repetitive and boring. But to truckers who enjoy that feeling, there is always something new to be discovered on the roads.

Some people aren’t made to be truckers, and that’s okay. Some people, however, were born to drive these great roads — and good for them.

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