3 Things to Keep in Mind About Tires



Everyone knows cars require maintenance but tires are often overlooked when it comes to maintenance. For example, professionals recommend that every 6,000 miles or each time you get your oil changed, a car owner should be getting tire alignments. Not many people get their tires aligned when they change their oil, but it’s important as anything can happen in that time frame. Tire rotations should be done every 7,500 miles. Neglecting vehicles and not properly maintaining your vehicle costs the economy more than $2 billion every year.

Having proper tires can reduce your chances of issues with your tires while you’re driving. As per test results, hydroplaning starts at 47 MPH when cornering on tires that are worn out. The corresponding speed for newer tires is approximately 60 MPH. Another safety concern is by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which determined that a vehicle traveling while their tires are under-inflated by nearly 25% leads to more crashes than vehicles with proper tire inflation. Putting your safety, as well as other people’s safety first is critical. Tires should be cautiously maintained, just like your regular car maintenance.

When It’s Time to Get New Tires
During the winter months, it’s crucial to get snow tires put on your vehicle. It doesn’t matter if you have four-wheel drive, two-wheel drive, or anything else, you must have all four winter tires put on, not just two. Once your tire’s tread has worn down to 6/32nds of an inch, you should be replacing your tires. Just because you have to look for new tires doesn’t necessarily mean you need to pay top dollar. For example, you can find several used tires Grand Rapids that still have decent tread.

What to Look For
When you’re searching for the perfect tires for your vehicle, it’s important to keep the appropriate size in mind. You shouldn’t purchase tires that are even a little bit off in size as it could be dangerous. Contacting a professional about used tires in Grand Rapids MI can lead you in the right direction. Additionally, when looking for newer tires, be sure to check the treading; you don’t want to pay for tires that wouldn’t last you long.

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