5 Reasons Aftermarket Parts are the Best Choice for Your Car


More than 73 million vehicles worldwide were manufactured in 2017. With so many cars in the market, the demand for spare parts is equally high. It has created a market for aftermarket parts that serve the same function as the original equipment part.

What are car aftermarket parts?

These are car replacement parts that are not sourced from the car’s original manufacturer. Independent suppliers sell them. The fact that the parts are not from the original car maker tends to raise concerns among some car users.

But here are the reasons why aftermarket parts may be an excellent choice.

1. They Offer Variety

When your car breaks down, or some parts wear out, you do not have to replace with the exact part the car came with, especially if the original part was not durable. Mitsubishi aftermarket parts offer a variety of car parts that come with components the original manufacturer parts may not have.

2. Car Personalization

The fact that a variety of Mitsubishi aftermarket parts are available depending on your needs means you can personalize your car and tune it to your preferred performance. For instance, if you are a racer, you can achieve 400whp or more on your Subaru EJ and FA Turbos vehicle by adding locally available parts, or you could import performance parts.

3. They are Easily Available

Picture having to look for a car dealership store every time you needed a car part. And if a car dealership is not available in your area, you may have to place an order at a body shop and wait for the part to be imported. It is not just inconveniencing, but a time-waster. You can find Mitsubishi aftermarket parts, of higher quality than OEM, in a body shop.

4. They are cheaper

Unlike the original manufacturer parts, aftermarket parts are more affordable. An aftermarket part will cost 60% less than an OEM. You get to save a lot. On top of this price difference, the aftermarket part may be stronger and more dependable than the original manufacturer parts. However, this will depend on the brand you choose.

5. Warranty

In addition to the low cost, aftermarket parts come with a more extended warranty compared to the OEMs. While most dealerships offer one year warranty, some aftermarket parts will provide a lifetime warranty. The warranty and the low price are the main reasons most insurance companies opt for aftermarket parts when making repairs on a damaged car.

Here are some examples of aftermarket performance parts of cars that would give your Subaru a boost of horsepower.

CAI (Cold Air Intake)

CAI is an assembly of Mitsubishi aftermarket parts that condenses the pulled air. It increases the amount of air that gets into the cylinder. When the air mixes with fuel, they burn to produce power.

Fuel surge tank

Also known as a swirl pot, a fuel surge tank provides a stable fuel system that can support a high power output car. It does this by sustaining a high lateral acceleration load for long periods. The fuel surge tank ensures that the engine always has an adequate supply of fuel, especially under demanding conditions such as a race.

Cosmis wheels

These are high-quality wheels that come in a variety of finishes and designs, giving your wheels a customized look. They provide stability and high performance needed on the track and the road.

A roll cage

With the engine power high, more protection is needed; this is where a roll cage comes in. A cusco roll cage is designed to protect passengers from fatal injuries during an accident, especially in a rollover. The roll cage is built in the passenger compartment and is vital for racers.

In Conclusion

For car enthusiasts, the ability to personalize your car to achieve high horsepower without breaking your budget is a dream come true. Mitsubishi aftermarket parts are not just low cost, but readily available, and durable as well. Select your aftermarket parts supplier after a careful assessment of the available options.

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