8 Car Maintenance Tips Anyone Can Manage


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It is no secret that most American drivers love their cars. The American love affair with cars, trucks and the open road goes back about one century. Despite this well known fact, many people around the United States neglect their cars and trucks. This costs the national economy about $2 billion every year. From paying attention to our tires as recommended by tire companies to changing the oil on the right schedule, there are things we can do to keep our cars and trucks healthy and happy.

Top Vehicle Maintenance Tips Anyone Can Do:

  1. Pay attention to the oil. The fastest way to cause your engine to seize up and die is to ignore the “change oil” light. You car has a few ways of telling you it needs your attention. From time to time, your tires need more air. When you see that your car needs oil, you can destroy the whole vehicle by ignoring its pleas,
  2. The oil is not the only fluid to need some love. You also have your differential oils and the transmission fluid. You do not want to let them go without your proper attention. If you neglect your transmission, that can lead to very expensive repairs on that important part of your car or truck. While you are checking out these fluids, you should also have the brake fluid checked and replaced. Getting new brake fluid is a lot cheaper than wrecking your car because your brakes went out.
  3. Flush your cooling system from time to time to keep it healthy and happy. At least once every 12 months, you need to have this done. If you think the system is not cooling your car as it once did, you may want to check with your mechanic to make sure there is nit something else going on with your car. In some cars, this needs to be done much more often.
  4. Wash and wax your car regularly. People so not always realize how bad for your car it is to let it get dirty. Your paint is the first line of defense against the elements. You can keep it in tip-top shape by washing it on a regular basis and by waxing it often. This can go a long way in protecting your vehicle from general wear and tear.
  5. Pay attention to your tires. It does not matter if you have new or used tires, you need to rotate them on a regular basis. This should be done per the recommendations of your car manufacturer or every 7,500 miles. This will help them last longer as well.
  6. Get tune ups as recommended. There are a lot of reasons to do this. You can improve the gas mileage that you get, you can keep your car in the best shape and they can find any small problems with your car or truck when they are small and easy and less expensive to fix.
  7. Pay attention to your brakes. The pads should be replaced after every 6,000 miles. Every make and model of car is different. Not only that but the way your drive your car can impact how often this needs to be done. Talk to the shop where you take your car to get a better sense of what your specific car’s needs are.
  8. Pay attention to the air filters. You should consult with the manufacturer of your car or the owner’s manual to get a sense for how often this needs to be done. This will keep your car happy.

The cars on the road today last a lot longer than they used to. Today, if you look around at the other cars on the road, you may not know it but the average car out there is about 11.4 years old. Part of the reasons cars can last longer and run better for their lives is the fact that people take better care of them. Doing simple things like rotating your tires and making sure they have the right air pressure can make them keep you driving happy for a longer time. Taking proactive steps to help your car can also save you at the pump and will keep you out of the repair shop.


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