8 Household Items to See You Through the Winter


Snow removal equipment

Living in an area that snows a lot can be a fun experience or it can be a complete hassle. The main consensus is that it is beautiful and fun for awhile but residents get sick of it really quickly. Snow is fun to visit but it just gets in the way when you have to live every day in it. Having machines with angled snow pushers or a steel snow pusher and a rubber edge snow plow make such a difference when you have to live in all that snow. Heavy duty snow plows are probably a way of life for people in snowy climates but knowing when to use an angled snow pusher or a different kind of blade is important. Different snow calls for different blades. Here are a few tips for surviving the winter in a snowy climate.

Kitty Litter
If the angled snow pushers haven’t been around yet and your car is stuck in the snow, if you empty a bag of cat litter around and under the tires after shoveling as much snow and ice away from the car and the path of the tires as possible then that will work just as well as salt or sand, without eating into your concrete.

Bubble Wrap
It’s always a struggle to find out how to insulate your home while still allowing natural light in. Well, the answer is in bubble wrap. All you have to do is spray your window with water and press the flat side of the bubble wrap against the window and it will stick to it for months. Most often you won’t even have to buy the wrap. If you call around some furniture or department stores, they will probably give you what they were going to throw out or at least sell it for extremely cheap.

Ceiling Fans
Did you know that if you set your ceiling fan to spin backwards, it will have the opposite affect? Normally, ceiling fans cool you off in summer by circulating the cool air. When they turn clockwise on low, they will push the hot air that has risen down towards the floor, warming the room a little better.

Probably the most annoying part of snow is when it starts melting and makes your shoes all wet. You may feel like it’s almost pointless to dry them because just as they get dry, you’ll have to go out in them again and they’ll jus end up wet. Well, you can wrap your shoes with newspaper, secure with rubber bands and voila, no more wet shoes.

If you mix vinegar and water in a spray bottle and spray it on your windshield and windows before a storm hits, it will stop ice from forming. If the ice has already formed, the same mixture will help it to melt faster. Also, mixing salt with the same kind of mixture and pouring it on your front steps and sidewalk will keep snow from sticking and make shoveling a lot easier.

Using sweatshirts and sweaters often can cause pilling to build up. Using an old cheap razor gently against the fabric will get rid of the little fiber balls without damaging the clothes themselves, allowing you to keep wearing them for the rest of the winter.

Hot Water Bottles
If you’ve ever lived in a cold environment then you already know this trick but if you fill up your hot water bottle and put it under the covers before you go to bed, your sheets will be nice and warm to jump into when the time comes and they’ll stay warm for most of the night.

Zip Ties
Winter tires for bikes are expensive so if you are planning on riding your bike during the winter, you could take some zip ties and tie them= around your regular wheels about a half inch apart and cut off the long part. This will give you the traction you need and then you can just cut them off when you’re done with them.

Follow these tips for a smoother winter. You may even find yourself enjoying the angled snow pushers you see around that remind you of snowy times! I’m sure you’ll appreciate the summer but at least you won’t dread the winter.

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