A Step by Step Guide to Applying Spray On Bedliners


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If you have a truck, the chances are good that you want to take the best care of it so it lasts you a long time. This will mean you will probably want to apply or install a bedliner. Often, people turn to spray on bedliners because they offer the best protection and can be used on trucks and truck beds of all sizes and shapes. The application process is involved but it is also straightforward. You will need some supplies, such as vinyl wrap tape, but it is not a technically challenging project.

Stage One: Clean Everything

  • Take everything out of the truck bed. The first thing you need to do is remove everything from the truck bed. This includes any accessories, tools, everything in the truck bed needs to go. Any loose debris should also be removed.
  • Get rid of any grease. This step is often called a “pre-cleaning.” This will rid the surface of any remaining contaminants. If these are allowed to remain, you will have a problem getting the spray on bedliner to properly adhere to your truck bed.
  • Mask the edges. Take your vinyl wrap tape and place this along the edges of your truck bed. Using vinyl wrap tape will get you the most perfect edging without using a razor blade or knife.
  • Cover anything you do not want to get the spray. You can use masking tape for the rest of your masking needs.

Stage Two: Sand Everything

  • Do the edges. You should take sand paper to the edges of your truck bed and do this part by hand. Take care to not sand off the vinyl wrap tape.
  • Sand the rest of the truck bed. This can be done with a power sander.
  • Get rid of the excess dust. You can use an air gun to blow off most of the dust. A dry rag can get any that remains after you use the air gun.
  • Wipe down the truck bed to get any dust that may have been missed.
  • Use a primer. You should wipe down the truck bed with a primer to help you get the best bond between the spray.

Stage 3: Get Your Spray On Bedliner Ready

  • Mix your color into the resin. Most of the time, the resin you will apply to your truck bed has no color. You will need to add the pigment to match your vehicle or whatever other color you are trying to get. Use a squirrel mixer to complete the process and get the consistency you will need.
  • Put together the equipment you will use to spray your liner on your truck bed, this includes the spray gun for bedliner. If you have not used this kind of equipment before, read all instructions and ask questions when you buy or rent it.

Stage 4: Apply the Spray Bedliner

  • Make sure you have the right compressor. The quality and the size of the compressor will have a big impact on your finished results so make sure you have the right equipment before you start the process.
  • Apply the spray. The best way to get the thickness you want is to pass it over the truck bed areas slowly and repeatedly until you have your desired thickness.
  • Let everything dry.

Stage 5: Remove the Vinyl Wrap Tape and Finish the Application Process

  • Carefully remove all of the vinyl wire tape and try to do it without breaking any of the wire tape. The edges left by the vinyl wrap tape should look very professional and be just about perfect.
  • Remove the rest of the tape. After your vinyl wrap tape is off, you need to get all the other kinds of masking you put on the truck off.
  • Replace any accessories.

Truck bedliners are very important to keep your truck bed protected from the elements and whatever you plan to haul around in it. When you install another kind of bedliner, there is often a gap between the liner and the truck bed itself. Water, dirt, debris and other contaminants can get into this space and damage the truck bed. This is one of the reasons that spray on truck liners, which conform to the exact surface of the truck. This provides your truck with superior protection from the elements.


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