Automotive Dealers Are Getting Great Bargains Online RIGHT NOW

Whether you’re a dealer looking buy looking to sell cars, checking out an online auction through SmartAuction is one of your best bets. Insurance auto auctions resell vehicles that were seized by the state. These are often in serviceable to excellent condition, as their only common thread is they were all gathered as a result of failure to make payments.

These are sold by a bureau called the General Service Administration (GSA) in GSA auctions. Since the official disbandment of NASA, they’ve even partnered with the GSA to sell space shuttle related items on the open market! There’s also OpenLane, a private company that resells cars for use by rental companies. Also similar to Smart OVE (Online Vehicle Exchange), the Manheim service that sells wholesale vehicles online.

For Smartauction and other online auction services to work, they need a company that can provide live simulcast. Some companies in particular specialize in auto remarketing, making them best suited to handle simulcast for SmartAuction or any other virtual reselling service.

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