Best Ways to Keeping Your Car Healthy


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In so many ways, the small aspects of our lives mirror the larger aspects of our lives. There are areas of life that seem separate but underneath the surface they are so fundamentally interlocked and connected. Even the smallest things, like when to have your brakes repaired, can change an entire life. Let’s look at cars for a moment. They are more than just artificial constructs that let us get from one place to another. Much like our bodies, they are constantly changing and evolving works of art. They move along with us and reflect who we are and where come from. Even self-driving cars are symbols, in this way, small shards of the future that pierce our lives in the present. What follows is a list of basic car systems and how to care for them, so that you, the driver, and all your passengers, whether they be friends, family or pets, are safe. After all, connection is scary. The future is scary. It pays to take a step back and find all of the ways that we can be safe instead of worried.

    The Flow- Oil and Blood
    Oil is like the lifeblood of car. It keeps things cool, flowing and in constant movement. It can be easy to overlook but oil change services are necessary to the proper functioning and health of any car. Be sure and find out what type and how much oil your car needs. Every car is different and requires care specific to its year, make and model. Often times, this information can be found in the manual or online on the manufacturer’s website. An oil change should be once every couple months or every couple weeks if you’re very careful. Be careful, though. The wrong kind of oil can degrade certain critical inner components of the automobile. You don’t want to corrode the engine, air systems, filters or any other part of the car that’s necessary for it to function. The right kind of oil can give your car an amount of longevity that might surprise you. If you’re unsure of how to replace the oil or what kind of oil to use, take your car to the nearest car care center and ask. They’ll be happy to assist you in any way they can. Safety comes from the combined efforts of everyone in the community and they know this.
    Putting on the Brakes
    If you have to stop and ask yourself when to have your brakes repaired, you should probably have your brakes repaired. It’s the crucial. The answer to when to have your brakes repaired is a pretty universal every couple months whether they seem broken or not. One of the most common (and preventable) type of traffic accident is when brakes fail and cars collide. The most unfortunate part about these accidents is that they’re so avoidable with such a minimal amount of effort. Getting your brakes repaired is fairly cheap and easy. It’s not at all difficult to find a car care location that will do it. Brake health is affected by oil health and the quality of driving as well. Drive carefully, safely and don’t ride the brakes too much, especially in areas where you can avoid it. As we learned in driving school, brakes are not the be-all, end-all of driving safety. They are a useful tool but they aren’t magic. They need maintenance and careful attention to function properly so be sure to give it to them on a regular basis.
    On the Wheels
    Wheel health is tied into brake health as well. Make sure to periodically check your wheel alignment and know when to get your wheels aligned. Even the slightest problem in wheel alignment can take a huge toll of the body and brakes of a car, wearing them down much faster than normal. Knowing when to have your wheels aligned is as important as knowing when to have your breaks repaired. If you’ve reached the “when to have your brakes repaired” period then it’s time for the wheels as well.

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