Brake Basics Explained


Almost everyone knows what the breaks in a car, bicycle, or other moving machine do; they cause them to slow down. However, not many people know how they work. A great place for curious minds to start is the video ” Brakes – How They Work.” It breaks down the science behind brakes and how they can slow down the movement of moving things.

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Brakes play a crucial role in almost all vehicles. Typically when a person steps on the brake pedal, the car slows down and stops. It would take a lot of force to stop a car in motion, which is why the brake pad is so important. Car brakes have many different components. Each is crucial to the effective working of a braking system.

The depression of the brake pad causes a release. A cylinder with fluid (hydraulic oil) releases some of the fluid into the wheel’s cylinders. The force spreads to every corner of the vehicle, resulting in a squeezing response from the calipers attached to each wheel. This action leads to friction, which in turn causes the vehicle to slow down.

There are many different types of brakes, and each may use a slightly different mechanism. Understanding your brakes is crucial to helping you ensure they are working correctly. A faulty braking system can lead to severe damage.

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