Car Breathalyzer Costs and Interlock Devices — How You Can Stay Free from DUI Convictions


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If you are a driving enthusiast, it is likely that you really enjoy your time behind the wheels. Driving can be a liberating experience for many, and for quite some people, it is the preferred way to commute, whether it is to work or elsewhere. People also prefer driving when it comes to visiting friends and family members, and while going to parties and other social gatherings. The one thing that you always need to watch out for when it comes to a safe and secure driving experience is your alcohol intake. If you are planning to drive soon after, the consumption of alcohol is something that can seriously impair your motor functions, and therefore, your driving skills. The slowing down of cognitive abilities can also damage your reaction times, and the results can be devastating. DUI or driving under the influence is one of the most major causes of road accidents and deaths, causing almost $60 billion in damages alone annually, and approximately 30 deaths every day. This is a serious issue, and if you want to be responsible and generally careful about being in the right condition to drive every time you walk into your car, you should really start looking into car breathalyzer costs and ignition interlock devices.

Driving while under the influence of alcohol is something that seriously impairs drivers, and can be the root cause behind road accidents, damage to property and even death. Being a responsible driver, you should take certain precautions that ensure that this does not happen with you. If you are driving under the influence of alcohol, you can also be picked up by the police and slapped with a DUI charge if you fail to clear the tests that ascertain the maximum allowed amount of BAC or blood alcohol levels. Keeping all these things in mind, it is wise to take adequate measures so as to stay free from these eventualities, and to start making inquiries about car breathalyzer costs and ignition interlock companies can be your first line of defense.

Let us talk a bit more in detail about how these things work. First of all, every state has a mandated maximum permissible limit of blood alcohol levels, and this is usually determined first by using a breathalyzer machine. The machine scans your breath for trace amounts of alcohol, and provides you with an approximated value for your present blood alcohol levels. Being in control of proceedings is something that can come in handy during these times, and you can invest in your own discreet breathalyzer that you can keep in your car. Car breathalyzer costs nowadays have come down quite a bit, and the expense is well justified keeping in mind the consequences of driving under the influence. With your own breathalyzer machine, you can be sure about your blood alcohol levels, and can make a decision regarding whether you are fit to drive yourself, or delegate these duties to a designated driver.

Along with inquiring about car breathalyzer costs, you can also be well served making inquiries about ignition interlock devices. These offer extra protection against your driving under the influence of alcohol, and work in a very simple way. When you climb into your driver’s seat, a breathalyzer analyzes your breath and determines your blood alcohol levels. The interlock device is connected to this machine, and only allows the car engine to turn on if you blood alcohol levels are within their permissible limits. This is a fail safe way to ensure that you do not drive while drunk, even by accident, and is a measure that can help you stay away from all the dire consequences of driving under the influence, including its legal ramifications.

Being a responsible driver is always a good thing, and can help you stay out of trouble and prevent exposure to the risks of DUI. By ensuring these simple things and taking these few simple steps, you can effectively rule out the possibility of driving while under the influence of alcohol, and enjoy your driving experience when you are fit to do so with confidence and peace of mind.

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