Clearing Up The Confusion Wheels Vs. Rims


Wheels Vs Rims? Which is the right term? Fuller shares all the details about wheels and rims in this episode of Custom Offsets on YouTube.

Difference Between Wheels and Rims
The only difference between wheels and rims is in the geographical location. They are the same thing, and buyers can use either term.

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Parts of a wheel
This part is the center portion of the wheel. In a multi-piece wheel, the hub can come off the rest of the wheel.
These are the projections from the centerpiece of the wheel that extends outward.
This part is the outer section or barrel of the rim. The tire sits on the barrel of the wheel in a wheel and tire assembly.
Wheel and Tire Assembly
A wheel and tire assembly consists of the tire mounted on the rim of the wheel. The wheel tire package also contains the tire pressure sensors and valve stem caps.
Now, buyers can place their orders confident they are using the correct term for the desired package.

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