Common Services Provided by an Auto Body Shop


Many people are in need of auto body repair. After all, cars are very important in people’s lives. Without a car, many people will not be able to get around or even go to work. Many people just take it for granted that their cars are always going to work, but the truth is that they will inevitably break down at some point, no matter how well you take care of them. This is why it is a good idea to have an auto body shop in mind or one that you regularly go to. If you have one in mind, you don’t need to spend time looking for one in the event of an emergency with your car.

There are many auto repair services that can be done, and you want to make sure that the shop can you go to is able to handle your specific repair. For example, if you need a touch-up job on the paint, you should consider a body car paint shop. You can go to a body shop chain or any of many family-owned body repair shops nearby for either repair work or nearby body repair supplies. There are many choices, and you just need to find the right one for you.

UPDATED 1/19/21

Getting a car fixed calls for a reputable and experienced auto body shop. From minor dent repair and collision repair services to precision frame straightening and paint jobs, finding an auto repair shop with a variety of repair services is important not just for your car but your satisfaction as a customer as well. Here’s a quick go-through at some of the common auto repair services you can expect from a reputable auto body shop.

Precision Frame Repairs

Collision repairs usually involve the straightening of a vehicle’s frame. A good auto repair shop will employ the use of computerized measuring devices to ensure your vehicle’s frame is restored to its nearly pre-collision condition. How does this work? Precision frame alignment relies on computer systems that are attached to different points around your vehicle’s frame. So the device collects the frame’s measurements, analyses, and compares it to the manufacturer’s specifications. This ensures effective and high-quality repair work.

Paintless Dent Repair

Specialized tools and effective dent removal techniques is part and parcel of a reputable auto body shop. Paintless dent removal is a technique that helps to fix both aluminum and steel panels without the need for painting the dent. But this method is only applicable to minor dents.

Computerized Auto Paint and Color Matching

Paint jobs are some of the common auto body repair services and with the innovation of cutting-edge computer technology, the possibility of custom auto painting option are endless. Computerized paint matching systems help to recreate the original paint color and texture.

A reputable auto body should have an expert to handle the job. From flames to fades, the application process ensures a flawless look restoring your car to its pre-accident state.

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Factors to Consider When Going for an Auto Body Repair

Time Required for Repairs

While the industry has set a standard time for auto body repair, each operation tends to have its time and duration for completion. Essentially, the extent of auto damage is what will inform the repair time. Significant repairs will take longer and more time than minor repairs.

The operations, however, require ample time for bonding products, primers, paints, and other auto repair sealants to cure. Because repairs are done in phases, there are downtimes in between repair stages as a vehicle moves from one department to the next.

Replacement Parts Availability

This is another element that greatly influences repair time. A good auto body shop should be able to source parts within 1-2 days, this is for common parts. But when you’re dealing with specialty part, sometimes it has to be ordered first then take a few weeks for the shipment to arrive. Also, high demand cars tend to have more part availability than less common car models. Weather is yet another issue when it comes to parts availability, poor weather can delay shipment which adds complexity to the freight.

Complexity of the Body Repair

The complexity of body repair determines the type of repair to be conducted, this in turn impacts the amount of time required to successfully complete the repairs. Also, complex repair processes that use specialized equipment may take some time to complete considering that the availability as well as the set-up time on this equipment.

Computerized cars with advanced drive electronics can take time to repair as they depend on diagnostics, which in itself requires time to scan through the components.

Insurance Approval Process

Before you conduct repairs on your damaged vehicle your insurance company will have to first verify and approve the process — either reviewing online pictures or sending an agent to conduct the manual inspection. Find an auto body shop with an integrated system with major insurance companies because they often have simplified the verification, approval, and repair process.

What concerns most car owners is the ability to get reliable auto body repair services. The aforementioned points can help you understand the type of repair services to expect from an auto body shop and the factors that negatively impact the repair time.

Accidents are inevitable when you drive on the road, whether the roads are slippery, or dry. Most accidents happen when you least expect them and catch you by surprise. A driver can come from nowhere and crash into a car, and leave it completely damaged. In a situation like that, you will need to find a good auto body shop repairs service, or maybe an affordable auto car body shop that can bring your car into good shape. An auto collision and repair service will fix anything from dents, scratches, or any other damage caused by a collision. Apart from that, an auto collision body repair covers a wide range of things, from broken lights, dents including repainting your car and give it a new look.

Who does car collision repairs?

Not everyone is capable of repairing a car that was involved in an accident. That’s why only a qualified auto collision technician should repair your car. When your car is repaired by an auto collision technician, you rest assured that it is handled by someone capable of bringing it to its original shape. What’s more, the color of your car will be closely matched, and all the replaced parts will function well.

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