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Custom truck wraps are vinyl decals, or graphics, that are placed directly on top of the paint of the vehicle. They can be both applied and removed quickly, which enables owners to change the look of their truck easily, and even to return it back to is original shape if they want to without it looking like anything was ever done.

Custom truck wraps are often used for transit advertising. It is estimated that this type of advertising can create an impression on potential clients who see it on the road between 30,000 and 70,000 times per day. This makes for extremely effective spread the word type of promotion for any business. Studies show that TV commercials and custom truck wraps are the two most effective ways to advertise. Car wrap design and business car graphics have become a widely used form of advertising.

There are three steps to the process of custom truck wrapping. The first step is to take measurements of the vehicle or vehicles to be wrapped and to design the graphics to be applied. The printing and laminating of the graphics is next. This step will provide protection against the elements that the vinyl will be constantly subjected to after wrapping. The final step in the process is the actual wrapping of the vinyl to the vehicle.

Custom vehicle truck wraps can be either full or partial wraps. A half partial wrap, or a three quarter partial wrap can be done. A half partial wrap involves the vinyl being applied to the entire back of the truck and half way up. It also includes a hood logo. A three quarter partial wrap is typically applied to the rear of the vehicle as well as most of the way up, also including a hood logo. A full wrap covers the entire vehicle, excluding the roof. Any type of roof wrapping is usually an extra charge.

Custom wrapping is safe to leave on any vehicle for a length of one to five years. It will not damage the original paint and the wrapping does not stick to any rust that may be on the car or truck when it is applied. Usually custom vehicle wrap can be applied to a car or van in about one day. In addition, before the wrapping is applied, the vehicle must be cleaned and free of any dust, wax, armor all, or oil. Any of these types of products will interfere with the vinyl’s smooth adhesion to the vehicle.

In the case of trucks that are being leased, custom truck wraps are still able to be done if the company leasing the vehicle or vehicles obtains permission from the owner. Because most leased vehicles have a paint job done through a factory, the paint is of good quality; therefore, attaching the vinyl and removing it is easy and rarely involves any peeling of paint. Both car and truck wrap designs that include window graphics are done on window film that is perforated. Its tiny holes enable people to see out the windows from inside the vehicle, but, on the outside, what is seen are the graphics themselves. The perforation allows the view from the inside to look like ordinary window tint.

On average, the cost of custom truck wraps runs between $1500 and $3000, including the wrap itself as well as professional installation charges. Wrinkling or bubbling of the vinyl is not uncommon on certain surfaces. In places where the surface is flat and smooth, there typically should not be any; however, surfaces that are round or concave in any way may show a wrinkle or two.

Another approach to beginning the process of choosing custom truck wraps is designing your own graphics. Software is available with which customers can do a mockup type of vehicle wrap so they can see what their own vehicle will look like when completed. They can choose a car or truck similar to their own and use computer generated colors and graphics before making any decisions. Once they have the graphics they want, they take them to any local wrap shop for a free quote. The wrap shop will professionally redesign the mockup, print it, and install it.

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