Damaged Windshields Can Cost A Lot, Or A Lot Less Than You’d Think


It can happen to anyone. You’re driving along, minding your own business, when suddenly a rock flies off the road. Next thing you know, your windshield is chipped, or worse, spiderwebbed. Fortunately, the right auto glass repair and replacement may be more affordable than you realize.

Often, small chips can be filled in and fixed without replacing the glass. However, it’s vital to have the chips repaired quickly or the damage may spread. What starts off as a small chip today could grow into a large crack tomorrow. So make sure you swing by an auto glass repair shop right away.

Auto glass repair and auto glass replacement services can often handle much larger jobs than filling in cracks. If the cracks are large, you may want to simply replace the windshield outright. Sometimes, replacing windshields may cost as little as $200, but the bill will depend on the car model and other factors. In many cases, when you make an auto glass purchase and install a new windshield, the process takes less than an hour. That said, auto glass replacement may take longer depending on your specific vehicle.

Ultimately, you want to drive behind a crack and chip-free windshield to ensure safety.

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Let me tell you a true story about what happened to may windshield, and how I went about getting the right replacement for my vehicle at very little cost. After a long night and a date that didn’t go very well, my girlfriend was throwing a tantrum in the passenger seat of my Toyota and… OOPS! Kicked a big, slowly spreading crack into my windshield.

She was apologetic to the point of being distraught, but I was never worried to begin with. Whether or not you can find the cheapest windshield replacement available in your area may depend mostly on what kind of automotive insurance you have. We were living in New York, but the process of finding the right windshields replacement would have been about the same if, say, I’d been looking for windshield replacement little rock ar. I checked out my insurance company’s policy on auto window replacement and found that accidental window damage was covered! I would still be expected to put some money toward the repairs, but thanks to my coverage I knew that as long as I worked with an auto repair provider approved by my insurer, I’d be guaranteed the cheapest windshield replacement possible.

You’ll want to find the cheapest windshield replacement you can, whether you’re covered by insurance or not. And of course there are many ways your windshield can become compromised, from a major accident on the road to a stray stone that just happens to get flung at you on the highway from under the wheels of a tractor trailer. First you’ll have to make sure that you can order exactly the right windshield to fit your particular make and model of vehicle, and you’ll need to make sure that you’re paying only a fair price for the actual labor involved in reinstalling the auto glass.

Finding the cheapest windshield replacement available to you can be alarming, but that’s no reason to cut corners on what could turn out to be a very expensive repair indeed.

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