Donate Your Old Jeep to Charity


Many people have old jeeps or vehicles sitting around on their property rusting away without being used. Donating an old Jeep or car to charity is a great way to recycle an older vehicle and save it from ending up at a landfill.

For more information on how this process works, watch this video about “How to Donate Your Car to Charity” which explains in detail exactly how to donate a vehicle.

Why Donate A Jeep or Car to Charity?

While there are many Repairable Salvage Jeeps For Sale, charities often have trouble coming up with the money to purchase such vehicles for their organizations. Many charities require larger vehicles to run their programs or to deliver or pick up charitable items.

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For example, food banks often use their own vehicles to deliver food to elderly people who have trouble with mobility. A further example is certain charities that specialize in assisting those with disabilities or illnesses, like cancer to get to their medical appointments. Particularly in rural areas, transportation can be an issue for many people. Those without vehicles of their own can have a hard time accessing central facilities.

How to Choose A Charity?

Performing adequate research before making a charitable gift ensures that a donation is going to a good cause. Not all charities accept vehicle donations or some not eligible to issue charitable tax receipts.

Once the donor has picked a charity for the donation, it is best for them to contact that charity directly. The main reason for this is so that the intended charity receives 100% of the gift, without any service or administration fees going to an intermediary. Another reason is to verify that the gift will suit the charity’s purposes. It is not charitable to donate a vehicle that the charity does not want and cannot sell.

What Benefit is there for the Donor?

There are multiple benefits for the donor of a used Jeep or other vehicle. Aside from the benefit of minimizing waste and the positive feelings derived from being charitable, registered charities will offer the donor a tax receipt.

In many instances, a charitable tax receipt allows the donor to claim their gift as a deduction when filing annual taxes. A donor should remember to make the charity’s job easier by providing proof of the value of the donated vehicle. This will make the receipt process go smoothly, as the charity will not have to do the research to assess the value of the vehicle before issuing a receipt. As well, it means the donor will already have this proof of value for their tax records.


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