Drunk Driving Kills 28 People Every Day In America What You Can Do To Prevent An Accident


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Drunk driving is an American epidemic. Due to rampant misbehavior and a culture that heavily promotes drinking and partying, many find themselves on the wrong side of morality when they step behind the wheel after a few beers. In order to temper the rate of accidents and mortality, various devices have been created to reduce this trend and keep drivers safe on the open road. From an ignition interlock device to a car breathalyzer, reducing drunk driving and its associated injuries and property damage has become a more achievable process.

What Qualifies As Drunk Driving?

While you should never step behind the wheel under the influence of even a minor amount of alcohol, multiple states have their own standards as to what constitutes a DUI. For example, most states will have you arrested and convicted of a DUI with a BAC (blood alcohol content) below 0.08. There are multiple acronyms for drunk driving, though they all amount to the same general meaning — DUI, DWI and OVI for Ohio, specifically.

How Bad Is Drunk Driving?

Routine studies are conducted by multiple special interests groups to assess the rates and trends behind drunk driving occurrences. Drivers with a BAC of 0.08% or higher involved in fatal crashes, for example, were found to be six times more likely to have a prior conviction for a DWI than those with no traces of alcohol in their system. An ignition interlock device is prime for reducing the rates of DUIs.

What Are Drunk Driving Rates?

From fatal to minor, there will always be a negative outcome to drunk driving. It’s estimated every day in America sees 28 people dying as a result of drunk or distracted driving. Awareness campaigns are regularly displayed in order to spread knowledge about the very real and underestimated dangers of driving while drunk, under the substance of drugs or distracted.

What Is An Ignition Interlock Device?

Scientists and engineers have created various devices to curb the repeat tendency of drunk drivers to operate vehicles while under the influence. Interlocks help reduce repeat offenses even after the device is removed, compared to 39% of offenders who never installed one. Most ignition interlock devices will prompt the driver to perform a rolling retest five to 15 minutes after the vehicle has been turned on, as well as randomly throughout the duration of the trip.

How Can I Reduce Drunk Driving Rates?

Reducing drunk driving means practicing safe habits yourself as well as encouraging it in family, friends and co-workers. Even a single beer can compromise your ability to react in time to a potential crash, as it only takes a split second to turn away or brake. Any drunk friends or acquaintances after a party should be given a ride by a sober driver or a taxi — a single pint of beer will take a full two hours to break down in your system, so it’s imperative not to fall victim to the myth of just ‘walking it off’. With a proactive attitude and an aware mind, drunk driving rates can be prevented and in due time.

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