Essential Advice on Routine Oil Changes


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When your car’s odometer shows that it’s time to pull into one of your favorite local oil change places to get an oil change, how do you know that it’s the best oil change service around? Well, you probably don’t. After all, as long as the motor oil installers check your car’s fluids, and use the best motor oil for your car, that’s all that matters to you.

While all of the popular oil change places might look alike, that isn’t always the case. For instance, if you care about your care, you probably want them to use the motor oil recommended specifically for your car’s engine. But how do you know that they don’t just pump out your used motor oil, and fill the reservoir with whatever oil is cheapest? After all, the oil change company will turn a better profit if they can cut costs by using the cheapest motor oil.

That being said, you can kind of think of oil change places like pubs or taverns. When you order a cocktail, do you want a quality name brand liquor, or well liquor? If you’re like most people who enjoy a drink now and then, you know that name brand spirits are far superior to the cheap booze that some dive bartenders try to sneak into your drink. Well, the same can be said for motor oil. The only difference is using the best motor oil for your care can lead to getting more miles.

As long as they get their oil changed on time, not many people think twice about what kind of oil goes into their cars’ reservoirs. However, there is a difference between run-of-the-mill motor oil and the best motor oil on the market. That difference almost always means better lubrication, longer life, and more miles out of your four-wheeled friend. Thus, never settle for less than the best oil change service. Even if you don’t know the difference, your car’s engine will.

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