Finding the Best Aftermarket Parts For Your Car


The automobile industry is a large one, and around the world, tens of millions of cars are built and sold every single year. The United States, Germany, and Japan produce some of the world’s favorite car brands, and customers have many models to choose from at local auto dealers and from private party sellers alike. But car owners are not only looking for a new car, but also looking for replacement parts to keep their Subaru or Toyota in good shape. And other car owners would like performance parts, which are often auto aftermarket parts that can be found nearly anywhere. Local auto shops may offer suggestions to an inquiring customer, and car enthusiasts may know where to find the best Scion tC performance parts (or others like it) online. Toyota or Subaru body kits allow a car owner to remake what their car looks like, and Scion tC performance parts may totally change how a Toyota Scion tC performs. Someone interested in them may search “scion tc performance parts in Los Angeles CA”, for example, or “local auto shops with scion tc performance parts”.

The Auto Industry

This is a big industry, but how big? This market is not only robust, but it’s continuing to grow. That includes the market for aftermarket parts as well, since many car owners will want to enhance how their cars run and look. More cars in people’s driveways means more auto kits to revise them. Some predictions have shown that the worldwide automotive aftermarket industry may reach around $722.8 billion in size by the year 2022, and the United States in particular may make up a large percentage of that. Back in 2017, the United States alone had an auto aftermarket parts value of $287 billion, and it’s growing at a CAGR of 3.6% throughout 2020 (according to estimates). Meanwhile, more cars than ever are being bought and sold. In 2017, some 79 million cars were sold around the world, including those at auto dealers and those sold in private party transactions. And at the time, estimates suggested that around 81 million cars would sell by the end of 2018, suggesting solid growth for this industry. A car owner today may take advantage of that and find all sorts of new cars or auto parts in their area. The American west coast, for example, may be home to many imported Japanese cars, such as Subarus or Toyotas.

Finding a New Car or Parts

Someone who’s looking for a new car has plenty of options to choose from. In fact, it may feel like too many options, so the car customer may start by browsing the online catalogs that local dealers have. There, the customer may narrow down their selection based on brand, performance, year, mileage, and other factors relevant to cars. The customer will visit local dealers with a fair idea of what they are looking for, and they can take cars for a test run and look them over in person, especially used ones. To make the purchase, a customer may make use of on-site financing, since most dealers are connected to five to 10 money lending services such as banks.

Owning a car means further expenses, but the good news is that many local auto repair shops may be available to help. A car owner may take their vehicle in for routine inspections and repair such as replacing the engine’s fluids or filters, and replacing the tires or wheels and swapping out a cracked windshield. But that’s not all. Car owners, often enthusiasts, want a little more out of their cars, and that’s where the auto aftermarket comes in.

What can an enthusiast do with their car? A lot of upgrades or cosmetic changes can be done in a private garage, where the owner will alter their car personally (which can be fun and highly rewarding). The car owner may put in a fuel turbocharger or fuel lift pumps for better performance, not to mention new wheels such as the Cosmis brand of wheels. In fact, an enthusiast may replace the entire engine with another one of the same brand, but this may be best left to professionals at a local garage who can handle this tricky procedure.

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