Four Things to Consider When Choosing a Family Vehicle


While some movies and TV shows portray family vacations as chaotic events (don’t make me turn this car around!), the reality is that taking a road trip in the family vehicle helps create some of the longest-lasting, most fun memories possible.

So when you’re thinking about getting a new car or a used car, you want to be sure you’re not only getting great gas mileage, but that the car will be safe (and a bit cooler than the old family station wagson from the ’70s).


40 million cars exchange hands each year, but dealerships are an obvious place to start. A new car seems like the best way to go, but many used cars have been well-maintained by dealers and have warranties of their own. Cars with even just 20,000 miles (sometimes fewer) can be thousands of dollars less than a new car, but still provide you with an extremely reliable vehicle.

Make and Model

While the traditional “soccer mom” van is spacious and comfortable, some people would rather have something that’s a bit more aesthetically appealing in addition to being roomy. A Dodge dealer near you can hook you up with the classic minivan staple, Dodge Caravan, which was actually discontinued in 2015 as Dodge underwent a re-branding.

On the other hand, a Chrysler dealer might point you toward the Chrysler Pacifica–named one of Kelley Blue Book’s Top Family Cars of 2019. Along with Dodge, Ram and Jeep vehicles, Chrysler service centers are easy to find all across the country, so on a long road trip, you will be able to find a repair center almost anywhere.

Keeping the Kids Entertained

While some kids are entertained playing classic road games like “License Plate Bingo,” most kids today prefer multimedia entertainment. Having LED screens, plenty of audio options and built-in WiFi are modern luxury features that will help the longer stretches of road go by a bit more quickly.


This obviously is top-of-mind for most parents when they consider a family vehicle. While all cars have some standard safety features, others stand out in safety testing environments.

Here again, the Chrysler Pacifica stands out, with its multi-angle rear-view camera and blind spot sensing system.


Dodge, Ram, Jeep and Chrysler service centers are available across the country, but find one in your neck of the woods with a great reputation that you can trust to help you find the vehicle that best fits your family vacation needs, as well as everyday use.

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