Get the Right Embossed Clamps for the Job


What exactly are embossed clamps? They are a type of hose clamp with an embossed band instead of a slotted band like most traditionally manufactured clamps. Hose clamps have many uses and are manufactured to make sure a seal is tight between a hose and barb.

Why Should You Use Embossed Clamps?

While every job is different and requires a certain type of clamp, there are many reasons why embossed clamps are perfect for automotive, aircraft and plumbing projects. Some hose clamps come with a slotted band. This type of clamp extrudes the hose through slots as the clamp has been tightened on the hose. This is what is known as the cheese grater effect that can damage hose material as well as hinder the clamp from smoothly fastening over the hose as it is tightened.

When a hose is interlocked the band slots create a reactive torque moment that has to be overcome by a higher installation torque. The contact surface, which is small and between the band slots and screw thread, generates quite a bit of high friction. This causes even less torque to be converted into tension for the band.

Using embossed clamps, due to band’s trapezoidal shape, allows for more and better contact with screw threads. Essentially, more torque is converted as band tension due to the embossed clamp design. An embossed band worm-drive hose clamp also has roll-formed edges for the band that minimize any damage of hose material and the risk of injury for installers.

Utilize Different Types of Embossed Clamps

When you need an adjustable hose clamp there are many different types in which to choose including an embossed clamp. You can find an embossed clamp in 12mm and 9mm bandwidths that have been engineered to keep from damaging hoses while in the process of installing them. Embossed clamps help keep soft silicone hoses from extruding or shearing during the final installation too. This helps to maintain the integrity of a great connection and offers a seal that’s more stable over time. Enjoy damage-free clamping that keeps connections secure using embossed hose clamps.

100% stainless-steel embossed clamps come in a range of sizes, as well. They are ideal for heavy-duty industrial and aircraft uses. If you have an fresh water, outdoor application, embossed clamps are ready to handle the job for mildly corrosive applications. This type of embossed clamp assembly and design is meant to prevent damage for installation processes and will not corrode like a worm gear clamp that’s standard.

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