Getting the Best Parts for Your Big Truck


Your truck is a huge part of your life. Regular folks go to an office, sit down, work, then get up. The have no connection to the place where they work and the tools the use—at least not a personal one. For a trucker, it’s the exact opposite. A trucker is only going to get from his or her truck what he or she puts into it. Most of the time, it’s love. That love comes in the form of careful cleaning, maintenance, and the new parts the truck needs to continue to dominate the road. But how do you find the best parts for your truck? How do you know when you’re buying good machine parts and when you may be risking your truck’s functionality? Check out the following helpful tips.

Go for Quality First

Everyone is on some sort of a budget. Money doesn’t grow on trees, and we all need to conserve, definitely. However, on place where you don’t want to just automatically go for the cheapest solution is when it comes to machine parts for your truck. The only thing better than having the right size and model of part is having one that is of high quality. The reason why this is so crucial is because of the demands that your truck puts on all its parts, including machine parts. Whether you’re talking about semi steering wheels, truck headlights, or even truck accessories, there are unique demands put on all parts of a truck. The heavy wear and tear of near-daily use takes a toll. Also, because trucks travel far and wide, the variety of different climates, temperatures, and air pollutants may play a big role in the corrosions of parts.

Add to that the weight of the truck—as well as its load—and you have the perfect storm for a machine that can quickly degrade parts. You will want to make sure the parts can last as long as they are designed to—or longer. Given the many thousands of pounds a truck may be transferring to certain machine parts, this time period could be easily truncated if the part is not of high quality. To solve this problem, ask your tractor trailer parts supplier about the kinds of metals or other materials that are used to make the machine parts. Inquire about whether it’s a solid-forged metal or a metal composite. If it’s a metal composite, ask about what kinds of metal go into it. If that info isn’t available, inquire about how the parts have performed in the past. Also ask about any kinds of warrantees offered on the parts. Do your research, whenever possible. Check out reviews of the parts. One of the best ways to find out about the quality of machine parts is to simply ask why one costs more or less than a similar alternative. The quality—good or bad—is usually revealed in the answer.

Try to Buy Parts Made in the USA

Getting home grown machine parts is not simply a matter of patriotism. You’re doing it for the sake of the good operation of your truck, too. If a part is made in the USA, it may be easier to replace in the future. It may also be easier to send back to the manufacturer if something goes wrong. Some companies sell parts from other countries, and that’s completely fine, particularly if they have a good amount of each part in stock. On the other hand, some companies essentially drop ship parts from China. The part may or may not be of good quality, but more importantly, if something goes wrong with it, you’re not going to be able to quickly get a replacement.

Ask Your Sales Rep for Advice

Most folks who sell semi truck parts have operated a truck themselves or know folks who have. Ask them for advice. The expertise of another trucking enthusiast is a valuable asset when choosing the right parts for your truck. You may learn something you never thought of before, or you may get pointed in a completely new direction. Ask about quality and where the parts come from. Don’t accept any substitutes for great parts, and your truck will thank you.

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