Getting the Most Out of a Concert Experience


There is nothing like going to a good concert. The vibe, the music, the people, the excitement, nothing matches it. It doesn’t matter if the concert is big or small, or how large or elaborate the venue, you are guaranteed to have a unique experience. Many people go and leave with a lot more than just a cool T-shirt and some music. They leave with memories that last a lifetime. But to make sure the memories you leave with are as positive as they could be, there are certain steps you need to take. Check out these cool tips for getting the most out of your concert experience.

Safety First

Some folks sigh when the issues of safety comes up. Talking about safety seems so… not fun. But that’s the whole point, to make sure you can have fun. Getting safety issues handled ahead of time will enable you to focus on the fun instead of watching your back or that of your friends or family. If you get safety out of the way, all that’s left is figuring out how to get the most out of an awesome concert. Figure out ahead of time what you’re going to do if anything sketchy happens. For instance, if a fight breaks out near you and you have to leave the area, you will need to plan on a spot to reconvene when the dust settles. Or if the venue has to be emptied, pick a muster location to meet back up and continue your night together. If you’re going by yourself, you have to decide what you will do in these situations as well. However, in addition, you should take precautions to protect your valuable things. This may involve leaving them in the safest place: at home. You should also give thought to the way you are going to keep track of your wallet, passport, and spending cash.

The key is to make a list of safety concerns and check off each box. The list itself is going to help you relax because it gives you a chance to cover everything ahead of time. Get the input of everyone involved so everyone’s concerns can be addressed, dealt with, and relegated to a secondary position in relation to the awesome prime directive: have a great time!

Choose the Right Band or Group

Let’s face it, some bands are better left on the radio or mp3. They have a great sound in your car or headphones, but when they’re live, they’re just… no. Concerts with these kinds of bands can leave you feeling ripped off, and are totally not worth the headache. Entertainment should be, well, entertaining, not a slog to get through. So get online, talk to friends, and get some reviews. Ask questions, even if you have to spend a couple days online or wait of replies. Ask about their overall sound, the energy of the band, the pitch of the singer, the feel of the crowd. Get a good picture of what you’re going to be getting far before you get there. You don’t want to feel like you got ripped off.

Bigger Is Not Always Better

A huge concert is an experience in and of itself. There’s not too many things that can rival it. However, size doesn’t have to matter. It all depends on what you want. If you want to be fully immersed in the musical experience, you can totally get that from a concert held at a smaller venue. A bigger concert can expose you to a wider range of cool, fun people in the best environment possible, but the size of the entertainment venue may have nothing to do with how much fun you have. And some bands are better in a smaller environment. Local concerts are great for giving you an up close and personal feel for the band. A cheap concert may be on the smaller size but that doesn’t mean it’s not gonna be sick. Check out upcoming concerts and get a feel for how the size of the venue is going to complement the sound of the band or group. Bigger is definitely not always better when it comes to concerts. Quality of sound very often trumps quantity of people.

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