How are Cars Shipped?


Auto shippers

Have you ever wondered how car transport companies ship a car? Military vehicles need to be moved overseas. Car companies need to transport cars from auctions to their various lots, and also need to be able to get a car to people who buy them from long distances away. New cars cannot be driven to their sellers, because then they would be used, so they must be transported by other means.

Car transport companies use terminals to keep cars before auto shipping takes place. They may stay in these terminals for up to months before they are transported. After this, auto shippers take care of car transport via airplane, train, truck, or ship. For the most place, personal car shipping is not done by airplane. This type of car transport is reserved for vehicles of higher importance. For example, the president’s limousines are generally air lifted for his trips outside of Washington. Other personal cars that may be transported this way are collector cars of extremely high value, race cars, or cars that are going to extremely high profile auto shows.

The average car transport ocean vessel can carry between four and five thousand cars. These are primarily used to bring foreign made cars to the United States. However, a majority of cars, between sixty five and seventy percent, will be transported via railroad before they are delivered to the dealer. After this, once the car is within two hundred and fifty miles of its destination, it will be transported by an eighteen wheeler auto transport tractor trailer. This is because any distance further than two hundred and fifty miles becomes more cost effective to transport a car by rail rather than tractor trailers.

Personal car transport, such as families who have moved, corporate relocation, students going far away for college, or people who move seasonally, can be done by hiring a car transport company. These companies often offer closed carriers as well as open carriers, for more valuable vehicles. However, some of these companies do not transport motorcycles, so it is important to ask if you own one.

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