How PDR Eliminates Dents in 3 Simple Steps


Many people feel a sense of pride while driving in their respective automobiles. Unfortunately, vehicles are susceptible to damage from a wide variety of situations. Many types of vehicle damage are attributed to outdoor weather conditions. This is why many automobiles owners live in fear of hearing that hail is approaching their area. Hail is falling ice and it comes in many different sizes. In fact, the National Weather Service estimates that it only takes a hailstone the size of a golf ball to cause serious vehicle damage. When hail damages your automobile, it’s important to get these issues resolved. Considering that, you’ll want to learn more about paintless dent removal. With that in mind, here is how a typical paintless hail dent removal process works.

  • Inspecting the Amount of Hail Damage

    It’s understandable to wonder more about the typical process behind paintless dent repair. Before any work begins, experts will need to learn about your vehicle’s amount of hail damage. This means looking over the outside of your vehicle, noting the frequency and location of where hail has fallen. After these determinations have been made, you’ll learn if your vehicle is able to receive paintless dent repair. Fortunately, statistics show that anywhere between 80-90% of dents are fixable through paintless dent removal.
  • Gaining Access Behind Your Vehicle’s Panels

    In order to perform paintless hail damage repair, workers will need access behind your vehicle’s body panels. While this might seem scary, it’s much more beneficial than standard dent repair techniques. Standard techniques involve placing filler material onto the panels of your vehicle and painting over them. While this might seem like an adequate solution, it’s rare to create a perfect match. This leaves you stuck with a discolored glob of material on the side of your vehicle. Therefore, paintless dent removal is the much wiser solution. To access the inside of your vehicle’s panels, certain parts of your vehicle will need to be taken off. Don’t worry, statistics show that the standard paint removal process rarely takes more than two hours to complete.
  • Using Special Equipment to Fix Your Dents

    Next, the most important part of this process begins. By being able to access the areas behind your vehicle’s dents, professionals are able to begin working on any affected areas. This method of hail damage repair involves professionals using special equipment to slowly and safely remove dents. These professionals work slowly to ease the dent out of your vehicle, causing no further damage.

To summarize, it’s wise to learn about the benefits of paintless hail damage repair. Try as they might, many vehicle owners are unable to avoid the aftermath of hail damage. No one wants to ride around in a vehicle that’s full of dents. However, standard hail damage removal techniques might have you feeling worried about getting your vehicle fixes. Fear not, paintless hail damage repair doesn’t involve touching your vehicle’s paint. This minimally invasive repair technique helps many drivers enjoy an automobile that’s free from hail damage.

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