How to Not Be the Pawn in an Event Ticket Scam


The world’s biggest music (and music entertainment) market is in the United States. To put it in context, revelers around the world are on track to spend $31 billion on live music events alone. Getting a ticket to these events ought to be a straightforward matter in theory.

The reality, however, is that getting a ticket can turn into a painful ordeal, especially when you miss one in the primary market. Here are a few tips to help you avoid a scammer’s trap when buying a ticket to your favorite Texas event.

1. Purchase Your Tickets from the Venue Ahead of Time

When the date for the event you are looking forward to nears, it heightens the probability of you buying a fraudulent event ticket. The spike in potential fraud occurring is driven by the fact that the prices increase the closer the D-day arrives.

A countermeasure you can take is to purchase your event tickets early on once they go on sale. At that point in time, there is little incentive for fraudsters to sell fake tickets since the rush demand that helps them lure a target has not set in yet.

To stay on the safe side, you can source the tickets directly from the concert venue. If getting tickets from the venue is not feasible, then you can look for them on a verified website.

Whenever you opt to get your tickets from a reseller ensure that their website has a consumer protection policy. Alternatively, you can check to ensure that the site is registered with the National Association of Ticket Brokers. Buying from such a reseller will protect your rights in case any issue calls for validation of the money back guarantee.

2. Confirm the Validity of Your Tickets

Anytime you suspect that your tickets are fake or want to be sure about them, you can confirm their validity. Call the company or individual in charge of the Texas event and ask them to verify that the tickets are legitimate. The organizer will request for the tickets’ identifying information (which will be on its back or front) and inform you of its status.

3. Do Not Share the Ticket Online

Many concert-goers get excited when their tickets finally arrive. In today’s world, a natural thing to do for many is to take a picture of the tickets and post them on social media in anticipation of the live music Laredo TX event.

The problem with this behavior is that at times when you post the picture, you might inadvertently end up revealing your ticket’s barcode to the world. If someone decides to use that barcode before you, it will invalidate your ticket however genuine it is. If you must share your ticket on social media or elsewhere cover up the barcode when taking the picture.

4. Buy Your Tickets with a Credit Card

It is never a bad idea to buy tickets to a Texas event you are interested in using your credit card. Doing so will give you an extra layer of protection. If upon purchasing the tickets, it turns out that you have fallen victim to a scam, your credit card company can assist you to recoup the funds you’ve lost.

Whenever you purchase tickets to your favorite live music concert, you should only allow the transfer to happen digitally. There are online platforms that facilitate such ticket transfers, and they protect you by ensuring that the ticket has been reverified.

5. Check for Scams

Prevention, they say, is better than cure. Before buying any concert tickets, you should first run a cursory check online for any reported scams. In case there are any, you will be able to identify the particulars of the fraud and protect yourself from being duped.

Buy a Texas Event Ticket with No Scam

Buying a ticket for your favorite Texas event can become risky, especially when you don’t secure those available in the primary market and have to turn to resellers. Pay due attention to when you buy the ticket and how it is transferred to you to avoid falling prey to fraudsters.

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