How to Pick The Right Car For A New Driver


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Nothing gets a young teen more excited than going car shopping right after they receive their driver?s license in the mail. But as a parent you know what?s best for them. The judgement might be clouded by their excitement and deep obsession with equating freedom to being able to drive a car. So how do you go about picking the right car for your new teen driver? This is something that they will need guidance for and as their parent that?s your responsibility whether they like it or not.

Let?s take a look at how you can guide your teen to picking the right car for their needs and narrowing down your options as you go car shopping.

Before you set a budget for how much you?re willing to spend on a vehicle, make sure you assess their needs. Why does your teen need a car? It can?t be just because they have a license and are now legally able to. Given the fact that this is for a young adult it’s safe to say that family vehicles are out of the equation. The license give them the right to drive a car on public roadways, not own a vehicle. What are their specific needs? Answering this question will help you to better understand the kind of functionality to look for in new and used vehicles. Picking the right car for your teen is all about helping them get around easily and safely. Assessing their needs is the right way to start.

Once you understand what they need a car for or what the car will be used for daily, set a good budget and make sure you stick to. Young teens are highly influenced by what they see on television as well as their peers. They might try to convince you to lease or purchase something that will lead to debt or difficulty making payments. Make sure you steer them to right direction. Set a budget that is consistent to their needs for wanting a car. For example, if you?re headed to the local Chevy dealer to pick out a new vehicle, consider the car safety and Chevy reliability when you select your vehicle options. Compare the car prices and see where it all aligns with your budget. It?s highly recommended that no more than 20% of your monthly income should be used to pay for a vehicle. Last but not least always take into account the cost of ownership. This includes gas, insurance, accessories, and maintenance.

Budgeting before picking the right car will also give you an idea of whether you should lease or buy a vehicle. Each option of course have their pros and cons. Compare those factors to see which is right for you. Leasing will will require less money down and lower payments, however by the time the lease ends the car will most likely be of no use to you and you?ll have to go shopping for a new one. In contrast, buying a vehicle is a lot more expensive at first with higher monthly payment if you have to take out a loan for it. If you?re paying out of pocket than the best part of it all is that you won the vehicle and there’s no payment you will have to make aside from the initial purchase. You can feel more comfortable driving a car that is 100% yours. So there?s quite a lot to consider here it all depends on your financial stability and how responsible your teen driver will be.

Once you have these things in order, it?s time for what you?ve all been waiting for. Picking the right car for your teenager. Make sure you narrow it down to a few choices that you both are happy about and schedule a test drive to see which one is the most appropriate choice. This is an important decision that might even be irreversible depending on the policies of the dealership. Look for which car gets better mileage on gas and which is safer to drive. When picking the right car to drive home with it?s a matter of your individual taste or personal preference that will count the the most.

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