Is a CNG Engine Worth the Investment?


No matter what kind of vehicle someone drives, everyone wants to save money, and the best way to do it could be by investing in CNG engines. The Youtube video “Straight Talk about CNG – Is CNG worth the investment?” explains what you need to know to make an informed decision. Let’s find out more!

Changing from regular engines to CNG, or compressed natural gas, is worth it in terms of numbers, but some people are not convinced.

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Tons of vehicle owners like the old-fashioned style because it’s what they’re used to, but transportation companies have to see the benefits of changing to CNG engines. According to the video, the fuel savings when using natural gas versus gasoline reached approximately 50%, and that’s something all businesses have to consider.

CNG is half the price of diesel. The issue is that the vehicles that run on CNG cost more, so that’s why people wonder if it’s a good investment. These cars or trucks are worth around 30% or more than a regular, diesel-run option. People shy away from that initial price tag, not realizing the long-term savings.

You can check the rest of the video for more details about CNG engines.

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