Is Your Car Dealership Ripping You Off? What You Need To Know Right Now!


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For most of us a car or truck is vital for our ability to get and to and from work, errands, recreation, plus so much more. This makes picking which vehicle to purchase an important decision and a major investment.

What though, about where you buy you car from? Does the auto dealer that you choose make a difference? Yes, it most certainly does.

Pre Owned Vehicles

Buying a previously owned vehicle is often considered a smart purchase, in fact 3 out of 4 cars or trucks purchased in the United States involve previously owned automotives. In one quarter alone, well over $9 million were spent on pre owned cars. However there is a need for caution when buying used cars or used trucks.

When making a big purchase such as a car, you want to be assured that you are dealing with a reputable auto dealer. It is estimated that consumers lose upwards of $4 billion every year due to odometer fraud. The average rollback is said to be 15,000 miles. These staggering numbers make it clear the importance of picking auto dealers that you can trust to be honest and fair.

Dealer Services

Car dealerships do so much more than simply sell vehicles. An auto dealer also provides maintenance needed to care for your valuable investment. Is automotive maintenance really so important? Yes, it is!

Did you know neglection of vehicles accounts for over a $2 billion hit to the economy each year? What type of vehicle maintenance can an auto dealer take care of for you? Some of the array of options may surprise you.

    Brake Replacement
    Obviously brakes are of vital importance for the safety of yourself, your passengers, and other motorist. Brakes may last between 25,000 miles – 50,000 miles. They need regular care and maintenance to insure they are working properly.

    Tire Rotation
    Tires need to be rotated every 7,500 miles or possibly more often, depending on the recommendation of the car manufacturer. An auto dealer can take care of this necessary task for you.

    Timing Belts
    According to the Car Care Council, timing belts typically need to be replaced between 60,000 miles – 90,000 miles. Your owner?s manual will tell you the recommendation of your car manufacturer. Another necessary undertaking that your auto dealer can skillfully manage for you.

Clearly, choosing an auto dealer is just as important as choosing which vehicle to purchase. You want to find a credible, trustworthy auto dealer. You also want to find someone that offers a wide variety of services.

Why not search your local area today for a high quality auto dealer for all of your car purchasing and maintenance needs?

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