It’s Time to Treat Yourself to a Pre-Owned Luxury Vehicle


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If you’re looking for high end used cars for sale, have you considered a BMW? When looking for used luxury vehicles, you may want to consider used luxury sports cars, used luxury SUVs, and used BMW cars for sale,

On an annual basis, there are approximately 40 million used cars sold through private-party and dealership sales. Were you aware that 18% of all car sales are for luxury cars such as BMWs? The sales revenue from these used car sales is $100 billion.

According to Edmunds, the average age of used cars sold in 2014 was 4.6 years. In 2015, however, the average age of a used car was 4.4 years old. Furthermore, approximately 54% of the used cars sold in 2015 were up to three years old.

The 2015 Used Vehicle Market Report indicated that there were 38.3 million industry sales of used cars. This was considered to be the highest annual sales number for eight years.

Since you’re considering the purchase of a pre-owned vehicle, you definitely want to explore your options. If you’re looking for recommendations, its important to determine whether or not the vehicle you are interested in is certified pre-owned. This is particularly important if you’re considering a vehicle that under five years old.

When conducting searches for used cars, people tend to look at price points of less than $5,000 more frequently. If you’re planning to take out a car loan, then it’s also important to determine the car’s age.

Most banks are reluctant to approve a loan when a car is four-to-five-years or older. This is another reason why you may want to only consider certified pre-owned vehicles.

The annual percentage rate for used car loans is also higher than for new car loans. It’s likely you will pay 2% more for a used car loan.

When you’re in the market for a used car, you may also be interested to know that on average, cars will have three different owners.

If you’re looking at used BMW cars for sale with automative transmissions, there tend to be more of these available than cars with manual transmissions. In fact, there is a ten-to-one ratio for available cars with automatic as opposed to manual transmissions.

One of the benefits of purchasing a car through an automotive dealership is that these businesses almost always offer multiple services. One of the many services that they tend to provide is on-site financing. In general, these dealerships work closely with finance companies as well as a minimum of five-to-ten banks so that they can offer competitive rates and deals to consumers like you.

When you decide to look at used BMW cars for sale or another type of luxury vehicle, remember to explore all your options at a local dealership. Also find out whether this dealership has a certified pre-owned program for luxury used cars as well as financing options.

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