Keep Your Vehicle in Good Shape With Routine Maintenance and Repairs


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Have you been looking for a local auto service to take care of your car? Chances are that it could do with a few repairs or replacements. right? If you’re like a lot of other busy people, you’ve probably been waiting for a larger block of time to visit your local auto service. Since you’ve decided now’s the best time, you may be interested in hearing about what types of car maintenance and repairs other drivers have recently needed.

A recent survey showed that either maintenance or repairs were needed for about 77% of the cars owned by the research participants. The survey also found that 16% of the vehicles had inadequate cooling protection or low coolant levels. In addition, low or contaminated brake fluid was present in 18% of the vehicles. Another survey conducted by the Car Council discovered that 16% of the cars were in need of new windshield wipers.

Does your car have power steering? If you’re not sure when to replace your power steering fluid, experts recommend that this should be taken care of once you’ve reached 50,000 miles or every five years, whichever comes first. When you remember to take care of this important task, not only will your vehicle last longer, it will also reduce the risk of needing expensive repairs. It usually goes without saying that prolonging the life of your vehicle and saving money are both positives.

Have you had your tires rotated recently? In general, auto manufacturers will recommend that you have this taken care of about every 7,000 miles. Furthermore, they also recommend that you should have all four tires rotated and balanced at the same time.

When was the last time you had an oil change? If you have an older vehicle, you’ll want to have your oil checked and changed every 3,000 miles or every three months, whichever comes sooner. With a newer engine, however, you’ll want to have the oil changed every 5,000 to 7,500 miles.

Once you visit your local auto service, you’ll be able to ask them whether you or not you need other types of maintenance and/or repairs. These might include brake and radiator service or a windshield wiper replacement. Since you want your vehicle to remain in optimal condition, it’s a good idea to schedule these appointments ahead of time and put them on your calendar.

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