Knowing When to Find Tractor and Combine Tires for Sale


Machines such as tractors and combine have replaced the work done by animal-pulled plows and human labor of centuries past, and ever since the early 1900s, American farmers have been able to purchase the motorized tractors and combine machines that they need to make their work possible, but like any other piece of equipment, a tractor or combine will need care to stay in good condition. This also means taking in a tractor or a combine or getting their replacement parts put in place, such as a tractor tire, combine tires, or even deep tread tractor tires. After all, tractor tires are hardly the same as the ones found on a regular automobile, and these pieces of farm equipment will have to be taken to specialized repair shops and get certain parts ordered for them. Used tractor tires for sale, for example, can be bought for an afflicted tractor, and used tractor tires for sale can be fought for a fair price if the owner know where to look. Searching online by state or ZIP code can help too, such as “used tractor tires for sale Upper Pennsylvania” or “used tractor tires for sale near Topeka Kansas.” Used tractor tires for sale or new combine tired can make all the difference for a farmer.

The Farming Equipment Industry Today

The days of ox or horse-drawn plows are long over. Ever since the early 1900s, models of tractors were available on the American market, and they have improved in efficiency and power ever since. Back in 1916, the industry was just getting started, and at the time, 20,000 or so tractors were sold across the United States. A few years later, in 1935, the number spiked to about one million, and the numbers have grown ever since to support today’s impressive farming industry, from the corn fields of Kansas and Nebraska to the time-honored farms of New York state and Pennsylvania. Some of those early tractors were much larger and slower than today’s tractors, and were often steam-powered. Today’s tractors and combined generally run on diesel and are more like trucks, but are not in the same category as more mainstream automobiles like trucks.

The farming equipment industry may involve not only the machines themselves, but also spare and replacement parts, such a the tires, which are always a concern. If a combine or tractor’s tires get ruptured while on the job, or if they simply wear out, replacements must be found at once so the vehicle can resume work on the farm. Statistics Brain has released data showing that the farming tires market accounts for $502 million in the tire and rubber industry today, and that is even bigger than the market for off-road tires, which weighs in at $401 million. Firestone, in particular, has a big share in the farm and combine tire market. In particular, Firestone owns a 22% market share of the American farm tire market for small farm replacement tires, according to data available from Modern Tire Dealer. The same source has shown that the second-biggest share goes to Goodyear, which has a 15.5% share in the same market. And overall, this market is a big one: as of 2017 in the United States in particular, the farming industry accounted for an impressive $535 million in replacement tire sales.

Tractor Care

A tractor or combine will sometimes suffer form issues that may bring it to a halt, and this may be a problem in the engine or the transmission, or the tires or wheels may be the issue. These issues and more can hamper the tractor or combine’ ability to move, and if this happens, a repair crew can be hired to check over the vehicle and make the needed repairs. In other cases, it may be possible to drive or haul the afflicted tractor or combine onto a trailer and have a powerful truck haul it to a repair facility. Tractors or combines can be bought as a packaged deal; that is, they are bought along with trailers whose size and weight allow them to carry the equipment with ease. Such trailers can then be hitched to trucks for transport.

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