Making Use of Medical White Oil


Medical white oil, also known as mineral oil, is a substance that may have a variety of health benefits for the consumer when ingested or applied with an enema. His viscosity white oils from base oil suppliers may be used to treat medical problems as wide as constipation to makeup or temporary tattoo removal, and more. The buyer of such medical white oils is urged to buy only from reputable vendors, and avoid medical white oil from any suspect dealer. But if safe medical white oil is purchased, this liquid may have a variety of health benefits as soon as it’s ingested or applied to the skin. What is there to know about medical white oil today?

On Medical White Oils

High viscosity oils and most medical white oil in general may have a concentration ranging from 1-99%, and in fact such oils may be found in many different commercially available products today. Many Americans have probably used such oils as an ingredient in cosmetic or medical supplies many times within the past year or even past week. Oils, in various concentrations, may be found in such products as skin creams, body and face cleansers, lotions, sun protection lotions or creams, tanning lotions, nail care products, baby oil, and even Vaseline and hair gel. In particular, Renoil White Oils vary in viscosity from 60 to 500 SUS at a temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenehit. These particular oils are a mixture of saturated paraffinic and naphthenic hydrocarbons. Statistics show that the industry for these oils is going strong, and as of June 2018, the total production of all paraffinic oil in the United States amounted to an impressive 29 million barrels or so. Meanwhile, a 2012 study showed that mineral oils are preferable for many different skin types of their users, which includes the sensitive skin of infants.

Uses of This Oil

Just why might someone purchase and make use of medical white oil today? The customers and their need for this oil are as varied as the products in which it may be found. For one thing, medical white oil is known to be useful as a laxative to combat constipation. Such mineral oil may be either swallowed or applied in the rectum with an enema, and either way, this oil will not be absorbed into the body through the intestines. Rather, this oil will help the body retain water in stool (waste material) and the intestines, which may reduce the chances of constipation occurring. Such oil will be removed from the body as the person passes solid waste. Users of medical white oil for this purpose should be careful, however, that they do not accidentally inhale vapors or mists from this substance.

That’s not all. This oil is odorless and tasteless, which makes it ideal as an ingredient in such materials as baby lotion, cold creams, and even ointments and cosmetic products too. Mineral oil may be effective at removing cream-based make up and also for removing temporary tattoos if needed. It may be noted that the mineral oil found in skincare and cosmetic products is highly refined, and it will not clog a user’s pores. Finally, the American Society for Reproductive Medicine has recommended that whenever needed, women can use mineral oils as a vaginal lubrication for intercourse. It should be noted, however, that this oil will damage latex-based condoms when used in this manner.

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