Metalworking Fluids and Their Role in Manufacturing



In the manufacturing industry, there are various types of metalworking fluids that play an integral role in a variety of processes. Brayco uses only the best. A variety of companies use these fluids in the industry. In fact, a 2016 report showed that the metalworking fluids market is expected to reach over $9 billion by 2020. Metalworking fluids are known to play one of the most vital parts in machining. We find that there are many uses for these fluids, and what happens to them afterwards. Recycling metalworking fluids has shown to lead to great results, with a potential 8% volume reduction against a system that does not recycle.

There are four classes of metalworking fluids: straight oils, soluble oils, semi-synthetic fluids, synthetic fluids. One of the reasons why many companies in the industry use these different types of lubricants, like synthetic lubricant and specialty lubricants, is because they reduce the heat and friction that occurs and helps prevent burning situations from happening. The rates of metalworking fluids are growing in popularity across the entire U.S., and beyond. In 2016, almost 2.5 million metric tonnes of these fluids were sold across the entire nation. And, as for 2017, over $4 billion worth of these fluids were anticipated to be sued in equipment across the globe – these numbers are phenomenal and will probably tend to increase even more over the years!

Fast Facts

You may want to know more about Brayco metalworking fluids. Because you are looking to find out more on synthetic lubricants, we want to give you some fast facts. There are four main functions of these fluids: to cool, lubricate, for chip removal purposes, and corrosion control. Synthetics are contain no oil whatsoever, while semi-synethics tend to contain less than 30% of oil content. A recent international study showed us that 42% of manufacturing companies have correct procedures in place to manage lubricants effectively. At Brayco, metalworking fluids play a huge importance and are a vital piece in the manufacturing industry, marine industry, and so much more. There are a need for synthetic and semi-synthetics in a variety of industries.

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