New, Used or Leased Car, Which is Right for You?


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Summer has finally come to an end. Fall is on its way and many have already started the hustle and bustle of the busy school year and fall season. Soon, winter will be here with its heavy snowfalls and high winded weather. Right now is a popular time to purchase a new car. Parents are looking for something reliable to get their children to and from school and other activity appointments. Those who realize that winter is coming are trying to find a vehicle that will be reliable and make it through the tough winter weather. There are a few ways that you can purchase a new or used car.

New cars are often purchased through dealerships with auto loans. There are many benefits to purchasing a new car, including auto warranties, free car repairs and maintenance and minimal miles on the vehicle. However, new cars often cost significantly more than used cars, even used cars with low owner numbers and low mileage. However, some people still prefer to purchase new cars. An auto sales company can help with choosing the right new car for you and can help with the auto loan process.

Used cars seem to be more popular and in demand. This is especially true of used cars that have low miles and are still in pretty good shape. Used trucks and cars provide people with better deals. Many used trucks and cars can still be purchased with auto loans as well. A used car dealership can assist you in selecting the best pre owned cars. Some used trucks and cars may also come with warranties as well. These warranties may be for less time and less coverage than a new vehicle, but many still provide dealer services.

Those customers who prefer new cars more frequently than they can pay one off may benefit from leasing a vehicle. A lease allows you to essentially borrow a car for an extended period of time. Most auto loans have a specific amount that allows you to own the car once the loan amount is paid off. However, a lease requires monthly payments for as long as you lease the cars. This is a great option for those who prefer new cars every few years.

Whichever vehicle route you choose to go, it is important to keep up to date on repairs and regular maintenance on your vehicle. Regular preventative maintenance can prevent your vehicle from needing repairs too early. It can also prevent more costly and timely repairs from being needed. Your auto dealer or auto sales company can provide you with a list of recommended updates and maintenance to extend the life of your vehicle. For example, the Car Care Council says that timing belts are typically replaced between 60,000 and 90,000 miles, but check your owner?s manual for your car?s recommendation. The car?s manual is another great place to learn about recommended updates and maintenance schedules for your specific used trucks or new cars. Additionally, a tire rotation should generally be done every 7,500 miles, or as often as the car manufacturer recommends.

Another important thing to factor in when purchasing a car is the insurance. Many auto loans actually require you to carry some type of full coverage insurance on your vehicle. You will want to choose your vehicle carefully, as some vehicle?s may cost more to be insured. There are also upgrades and maintenance features that can be done to reduce insurance costs. For example, depending on your provider, you can save 5% of your car insurance premium, simply for equipping your vehicle with four winter tires. Insurance companies may offer this discount because the winter season is a common time for accidents. Winter tires can prevent accidents from slippery and snowy roads.

Right now is a common time for purchasing a new or used vehicle. People are looking for something reliable and safe. There are different ways to purchase a new vehicle, including used, new or leasing. The best option for you will depend on your needs and your preferences. Regular maintenance is important to ensure your new vehicle lasts for as long as possible.

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