Selecting an Oil Filter Distributor


Choosing an oil filter distributor can be a challenge. As a dealer you want to make sure they will support their product. They need to follow through when orders are placed and follow up when there are any issues with the products. The same is true with diesel oil filter distributors. As a dealer, you need to know they will come through on their end of the deal.

How They Support the Product

In a perfect world, once a product is sold, there are no problems. However, in the real world, mistakes happen. Products arrive defective. A good distributor will act as a liaison between the dealer and the manufacturer. They will help make sure the end customer receives the product or compensation according to an established warranty or return policy.

When a question comes up that the dealer cannot answer, the oil filter distributor should have a phone number where they can be reached. This is especially important when an urgent issue arises. They should be available to help and provide support.

For questions or inquiries that are not of an urgent nature, there should be a way to contact them electronically, perhaps via email. This is a great option because the emails can be stored and referenced if the question or inquiry comes up again. For example, if you need to know a spec about a diesel fuel pump or there is a question about when a shipment of diesel fuel transfer pumps will arrive along with tracking information, having a written response via email proves helpful.

Supporting Sales

Another feature to consider is whether or not they have a system in place to promote their product. Do they sponsor events, have a website or have active social media accounts? These are important in order to build awareness of the products they distribute.

Do they offer product promotions as a way to move inventory and attract new business? This is an effective way to move old diesel fuel filtration products off the shelf to make the way for newer products. Product promotions are an effective sales strategy.

A Partnership

The relationship between a dealer and an oil filter distributor is a partnership. While the dealer is moving diesel fuel systems products, the distributor is supporting the flow of merchandise and supporting the promotion for the product. Keep these tips in mind when looking for a oil filter distributor.

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