Subaru and Chevy Car Dealerships in Rochester, NY


Car dealerships in rochester ny

If you’re in need of a new or used car, two great brands to consider purchasing or leasing are Chevrolet and Subaru. A new or used Subaru for sale is a great car for one person or the whole family, and used and new Chevy car dealerships can get you a great deal on a variety of models for any size family or budget.

Subaru is a brand with a long history in Japan, where it originated, and in the United States. Subaru’s parent company, Fuji Heavy Industries, began as The Aircraft Research Laboratory back in 1915. In 1968 in Philadelphia, Subaru of America was established, helping to bring this brand to U.S. shores. Subaru’s cars are known for their flat engines, also known as boxer engines, which they’ve used since 1972, long before many other cars adopted this technology. The Subaru inventory today includes many stylish and affordable cars that are popular across America.

Chevrolet started out in America as a division of General Motors in 1911. Since 1912, Chevy has produced over 200 million cars and trucks, and they remain one of the most popular brands in American vehicles. Their iconic “bowtie” emblem, which looks like a cross or plus sign, was first used in 1913, and has stayed about the same ever since. In addition to being a timeless car brand, Chevy also makes numerous appearances in popular culture. Among artists who have name-dropped Chevy in their songs are Jay-Z, Kid Rock, Mariah Carey, and, of course, Don McLean with “American Pie.” There are many Chevy car dealerships throughout the country today that have hundreds of cars in stock.

If you’re in Rochester, NY, and you need a new car, be sure to find your local Subaru dealers and Chevy car dealerships. You can find out about buying and leasing options for your budget, and you can inquire about new and used cars and take a test drive. Be sure to consider one of these iconic brands for your next vehicle. Good references here.

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