The Best Motorcycle and ATV Replacement Parts


Many ground-based vehicle are in use across the United States today, and while some of them are used for freight (trains and trucks), and some are used for personal transport such as cars, other vehicles are designed for leisure. These leisure vehicles are smaller than cars or trucks but are designed for off-road travel or great speed, and they can be a lot of fun to own and ride on. These include dune buggies (best used on sandy dunes), ATVs (all terrain vehicles), jet skis, and motorcycles. All of these recreational vehicles and more are popular among Americans and Canadians today, and they often sell quite well. Snowmobiles in particular are popular in northern American states such as Montana and Minnesota, and are popular all across Canada. This industry involves not only selling these vehicles, but also their replacement parts and upgrades. These range from motorcycle external fuel pumps to jet ski pumps to ATV fuel filters and more. Routine maintenance, such as swapping in a new motorcycle external fuel pump, can help keep these vehicles running better and longer.

The Industry of These Vehicles

Across the United States today, these recreational vehicles and their replacement parts such as motorcycle external fuel pump sell quite well, and statistics are being kept to track those sales. In 2017 alone, for example, American consumers purchased around 427,000 motorcycles, and ATVs sell well too. Some 41,000 of them sold in the U.S. from January and March 2017, for example. Snowmobiles also see strong sales, and in 2018, around 124,786 of them were sold in the United States. Nearly 1.2 million of them are currently registered across the United States, and even more of them can be found in Canada, where terrain is often covered in deep snow. Meanwhile, motorcycles in the U.S. are most popular in the states of California, New York, Florida, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, those states having the highest total of registered and private commercial motorcycles as of 2016.

Someone looking to buy a new motorcycle or ATV may look online to find retailers for these powerful vehicles, and this process may be somewhat similar to buying a car. The customer may browse online catalogs that local dealers have, and compare and contrast many different vehicles on merit of appearance, fuel efficiency, horsepower, top speed, features, model and make, and more. The buyer may visit the dealer with a solid idea of what they are looking for, and look over a few more models and possibly take them for a test ride before deciding on which one to buy. The buyer may also make use of on-site financing to help get an auto loan for their new purchase, since motorcycles and ATVs, while not typically as expensive as cars, are still quite costly. Meanwhile, a buyer may look for gently used motorcycles and ATVs, and this means both visiting dealers have used models, and private sellers. In either case, it’s quite important for the buyer to look over the vehicle and take it for a test run before making a purchase. If a used motorcycle or ATV is in good shape, the buyer may enjoy getting a good vehicle for a steeply discounted price (though the warranty may be expired by that point).

Vehicle Care

Like cars and pickup trucks, motorcycles and ATVs need routine repair and maintenance, and sometimes this means working on mundane parts such as motorcycle external fuel pumps. Replacement filters keep the engine in better shape, and a new pump helps keep fuel running smoothly and maintains the vehicle’s economy. Meanwhile, damaged or rusted parts should be taken out and replaced, and if the owner does not have the skills to handle this themselves, they can take it to a nearby shop where professionals may make the repairs. The owner is also urged to regularly get their vehicle cleaned, especially after off-road travel or going on gravel roads. Dust and dirt may rapidly clog up delicate machinery and weaken it. A motorcycle’s chain can be scrubbed clean with specialized brushed with metal bristles when used with certain cleaning oils, and a scrubbed chain may look great and function smoothly, greatly extending the vehicle’s life span.

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