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According to U.S. Census Bureau statistics, about 15% of the American population moves each year. When relocation involves a long-distance move, personal vehicle transportation can be an issue. Forbes Magazine reports that 37.5% of American households own at least two cars, and nearly 20% own more than two cars. This means that many people need the assistance of an automobile transportation service if they end up moving long distances.

In the event that people end up relocating hundreds of miles away, affordable auto transport companies can provide an invaluable service. Unless you’ve ever found yourself relocated a long distance, you’ve probably never given much thought to about what it takes to ship a car from one part of the country to another. Obviously, if your employer moves your job from New York to California, it will be impossible to drive both of your cars and your Harley in one trip. Even if that were possible, it would be impractical.

Depending upon how far a person is moving, it is often more affordable to hire vehicle shipping companies than to pay for the gas it would take to drive hundreds or thousands of miles. This is particularly true since some top-rated auto moving companies offer highly competitive car shipping rates. Sometimes paying reasonable car shipping rates is the smarter alternative to putting unnecessary miles on your car. Of course, this is really the only option if you’re an owner of a classic car or an expensive sports car.

When it comes to long distance car shipping there are plenty of options available. Customers have the choice of shipping their automobiles individuals, or saving money by shipping them with a load of other vehicles. Many automobile moving companies offer specialized transportation services such as motorcycle shipping, RV transport, and boat moving, each of which require different equipment for safe, secure transport.

Given the fact that Americans have several different vehicle shipping needs, there are more transportation options available than ever. No matter what type of vehicles they need to move, or how far they need them hauled, customers don’t have to sacrifice service to find competitive car shipping rates.

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