The Popularity of Car Accessories for Increased Safety and Convenience


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Many vehicle owners choose to purchase car accessories to increase the ease and safety of driving. Exterior car accessories are particularly popular as indicated by recent industry statistics. Data shows that 90% of car owners are purchasing a variety of devices such as back-up cameras, audible sensors, and remote car starters. Other popular devices include car monitors.

The Benefits of Back-up Cameras

There have been several studies on the benefits of backup cameras. One of these was conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. The results showed that when vehicles didn’t have back-up cameras or audible sensors, 100% of the drivers backed over a child-size stationary object. It’s important to note that these objects were placed behind the vehicles when the drivers weren’t looking. When vehicles were equipped with these devices, however, 57% of the drivers were able to avoid backing over the object even though they didn’t know it was there.

The Benefits of Remote Car Starters

Remote car starters can be a convenient device. When people live in areas with inclement weather, for example, turning on and warming up a car prior to driving can be beneficial. A large percentage of these devices are able to start a car from a significant distance. In many instances, a driver can start their vehicle from as far away as 1,500 feet.

The Benefits of Car Monitors

Quite a few drivers don’t adhere to the speed limit. Recent data shows that the average driver will actually exceed the speed limit by ten to 15 miles per hour. While drivers of all ages may be prone to doing this, teenagers may be even more so. Since teenagers are less experienced drivers, half of them will be involved in some type of crash prior to graduating high school. When monitoring devices are installed in their cars, it’s been found that they drive more safely when they’re aware that this device is present.

Learn More About Other Vehicle Features

In addition to the exterior and interior car accessories mentioned above, you may be interested in window tinting. One of the reasons that window tinting may appeal to you is that it minimizes the sun’s glare, which can contribute to safer driving. When you visit a local shop that provides these and other accessories, you will be able to learn more about other available amenities and safety features.

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