The Three Top Field Trip Destinations Your Kids Will Love


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Everyone loves a good field trip! Try to remember a time you didn’t have a blast visiting the zoo in elementary school. Think of one memory from your seventh-grade church-group trip to the bowling alley that’s not filled with pure fun and enjoyment — OK, besides the one where Jimmy ate the rest of your popcorn without asking.

There’s a reason kids love field trips, and the reason is simple: Being stuck inside a classroom or a church can get old after a while. That’s not to say anything against learning or religion in general, but children are naturally adventurous, and most often that adventure leads to a great yearning beyond the walls of institutions.

Sometimes, it’s just best to let kids be kids.

That’s we we’ve compiled this handy list of the three destinations you should keep in mind when it comes time for your church group or academic class to head out on a field trip. Whether you’re traveling in a 15 passenger van, a minibus, an old church bus or some kind of shuttle, get a lock on these three locations in your area sooner rather than later.

Museums and art galleries.

It’s great to stimulate children intellectually outside of the church or classroom, too. That’s what museums and galleries are for. Most local spots (if they’re smart) will feature certain exhibits that are children-only, or even certain days of the month that allow kids to come in and enjoy the day at a discount. As for the transportation, it’s all about finding a good used bus and loading it up — once you get permission from the parents, of course.

Rollerskating rinks, arcades and other recreational centers.

As important as it is for kids to thrive mentally, it’s probably even more important to allow them a place to thrive physically as well. Venues like bowling alleys, arcades and roller rinks are great for having kids run around and get some physical playtime to balance out all the learning. After all, a growing mind and a growing body go hand-in-hand.

Water parks.

School’s out for summer! That means it’s time to spend some time cooling off at your local water park — and that goes double for the ones with extensive water slides to enjoy. Kids don’t want to be cooped up inside during the sweltering months of July and August, so start finding a good used bus to transport them and give them a healthy, active afternoon to remember. Continue reading here.

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