This Golf Cart Looks Like a Mini Peterbilt Truck!


Golf Carts are tremendous vehicles. They are useful on the green, or even for transportation in small communities. These carts generally look pretty standard. However, all it takes is a little creativity to take your cart to the next level. In this video, you will see a custom golf cart that looks like a mini Peterbilt truck.

Video Source

This Peterbilt mini looks just like the real thing. The only real difference other than the size is the lack of doors and horsepower. Even so, that cart seems to move very well. The cart has special wheels that look like semi-truck wheels. Everything from the tires to the cap are on point. Further, the cabin itself looks authentic. Each custom golf cart seat looks comfortable and has the Peterbilt logo on it. Further, the Peterbilt logo can be seen on the hood of the truck. This hood comes with a pig figurehead on the front. There is also a license plate on the front and back of the vehicle. To top it all off, the vehicle is well lit with plenty of exterior and interior lighting. All these lights are controllable from the cabin’s dashboard.


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