Tips To Avoiding Any Transmission Problems


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Any mechanic will tell you that the most important service maintenance for your car is an oil change, but most importantly a transmission service at your nearby transmission repair shop. The transmission fluid is a very important liquid that keeps the car’s gears in tip top shape and allows you to go forwards and in reverse smoothly. A car is a huge hunk of metal and in order for it to run smoothly and remain in tip top shape it needs some lubrication. The last thing you want to here after a maintenance check form the mechanic is that you need a transmission rebuild for your car.

A transmission rebuild service is by far one of the most expensive car repair services a car owner must receive if they do not perform a transmission flush periodically. The minute you start noticing anything wrong with your vehicle?s gears, it’s important to take it straight to the transmission repair shop to have it looked at by a professional. A simple transmission flush can cost about anywhere from $125 to $250. A transmission repair service or transmission rebuild can cost you about $800 to $3500 depending on the make of the car, and whether it new, used, or salvaged. In some cases if it?s a much older vehicle car owner opt for getting a new car completely silent it might be cheaper.

But all of this spending and transmission rebuild issues can easily be avoided if you keep up with the oil maintenance of the car. Let?s look at some helpful tips you can use to avoid that expensive visit to the transmission repair shop.

Always make sure you check the car?s transmission repair level every month or so.It’s highly recommended that you check the fluid every 1,500 kilometers and have it changed by a mechanic or oil transmission repair facility every year or very 80,000 kilometers.

Make sure to use the correct transmission fluid for your car.If you need to replace the transmission fluid buy the right type of fluid. Using the wrong kind may cause some damage to the car.

Know how much fluid is needed to not overfill.There?s a certain amount of fluid that should go inside each vehicle. Be very careful not to fill it up to the very top or overflow it. This may also damage the vehicle.

If you are in cold weather, allow the car to warm up before you drive.Let the engine warm up for at least 30 seconds before you start driving in the early morning just to get everything running smoothly.

Do not drive an overloaded vehicle.The high amount of weight will put your transmission into overdrive. It?s best to avoid this in order to keep your transmission healthy.

Now that you understand how to keep your car from needing a transmission rebuild, make sure you keep with the oil maintenance service and stay safe while on the road.

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